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February 17, 2005


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Bob McAllaster

Cool! Thanks for the update on Maunawili Jeff!!

Jeff Huff

Maunawili Trail:

Bob, I ran Maunawili this morning and it was dry and in great shape. One downed tree towards the Pali end about 1.5 miles in, that you need to crawl around. Other than that it is fantastic.


Bob McAllaster

Hi Mike,

Wow, thanks for giving us this update. Very informative. I'll comment item by item. I know you asked for comments sent directly back to you, however I thought I would try posting here instead so others can see.

1. I am not sure where Poamoho trail is. I need to look it up. Sounds good though.

2. This would be good and help with trail maintenence as I thnk some H.U.R.T. runners would be willing to help out.

3, 4, 5 all good info. Can't wait to get out to Moke's and check out their work.

OK, on your other items.
I would like to see use limited to weekdays only.

Regarding more access. Seems like I have seen commercial groups on these trails already. ???
So, again, weekdays is probably OK.

On the last item, increasing by two people is not a problem.

Again, thanks for this update. Do you know or can you find out if the Maunawili trail has been cleared recently? Last time we were on it, the Waimanalo end was pretty bad, very overgrown in places.

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