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Camino de Santiago Run

I'm heading out to Spain to join a friend for an epic run.  I can only take a short time off from work (1 week), so I cannot do the full journey.

The plan is to connect with my ultra friend Erik in OCebreiro in Galicia Spain.  That's just over 100 miles from Santiago de Compestela.  The camino is over 1,000 years old and travels through several small towns.  We are carrying all gear and sleeping where we can.  Erik is starting in France and will get in over 400 miles, but then he can take off 3 weeks from work.

I'll drop a blog along the trail when I find a cafe and snap some photos to load later.


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Hey Paul,

Sounds like quite the adventure. Looking forward to pictures and more details (minus the stinky night). Safe travels on your return to Hawaii!


We made it to Santiago. Yesterday was the longest day and one of the hardest for Erik on his 800k trek. I´m glad that I am here to help out with the support. We dropped a lot of gear and I took some of his weight. He has battled through a tough ankle injury and after some Ibuprofen, moved better today.

We put in the back to back 50k days. The refugee was was a fart and snore fest with a real stinky French guy that apparently did not care. Very bad! But, we made it through the night and finished off the journey into Santiago today with a short 18k day.

We received our Compostela from the church completing the pilgramage and had our names read aloud at the noon mass! Beautiful church. Now a few beers and some well deserved rest & food.

Back in the states in a couple more days to see my wife and baby.

Excellent camino for all!


We completed our 46K day with some rain in the beginning leaving Sarria. After about 2 hours that clouds gave way to our first sunshine. My Salomon shoes created some extreme pressure on my large big toe bone in both feet, so I was forced into my Keen sandals. This did not slow us down since Erik's system finally became human and hit the wall. We managed through the last 25K together in true ultra spirit.

He is sleeping now after a few endurolytes, Ultima, dinner and a hot shower.

Tomorrow is planned to be a 50K and the weather should be much better. We'll drop all excess gear here in Pasa de Rei, to help with the distance. Hope to get in some good running across this beautiful countryside. So far, it's been great with wonderful people and awesome food!


Hola from Sarria. The weather has been very bad with driving rain and very cold. We are taking it easy allowing Erik´s leg to heal from a overused tendon. We are planning to run the last 60k into Santiago. Until then more cafe con leche, vino and kilometers underfoot.

I hope my clothes are dry by tomorrow.



Hi Paul,

Glad to hear you've made it to Spain. I was talking with Bill at the trail series race and we thought you should be there by now. Trail race this morning was fun--Sara my 11yr. old did it with me. Her first trail race. Good luck running. Keep us posted!


5/14 Hola! Made the various connections from SFO to Heathrow to Santiago and now am in Lugo Spain. I am starting my run from OCebriero tomorrow. My friend Erik will meet me at 1AM tomorrow once my last bus leg is over!

We will run 50K tomorrow. The weather is currently 10 degreee C, raining and very windy. Should make for a fun run.

Depending on my connectivity options on the Camino, I´ll post more tomorrow after our first full day of running. Wish us well.

Paul Sibley

Today is 5/12 and I'm leaving for my trip to Spain for a little running. My friend who I want to run HURT 100 has been running for 2 weeks. He's about 280 miles into the adventure. I'll meet him on Sat or Sun depending on my luck getting connecting flights out of Heathrow. Wish me luck!

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