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Nick Kaiser


Thanks for your congratulations on the Boston marathon. The HURT-star of the race was new member Harald Ebeling who ran a blistering 3:05:22. This is 12 minutes faster than his Honolulu time, and clearly a result of training on Tantalus - Outstanding!

Race conditions were marvelous - 70deg and sunny - and the event was everything it is cracked up to be with crowds along the whole course going crazy. Also notable was the hospitality of ex-pat Pete Thalmann at "Aloha House" by the start in Hopkinton.


Alex Papadopoulos

Greeting Everyone,

I wanted to send out a quick email to everyone from the HURT Hawaii Team. It has been a great experience to run with all of you over the last 8 months. Running with you all has made me a more experienced and knowledgeable runner. I look forward to the day when our paths will cross again.
If anyone ever comes thru the Washington D.C. Metro area, please drop me a line and I will gladly meet up for a run.
Happy Trails and Adventures!
Tel: 703-403-0138

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