Thanks for a Great Race!!
Western States 100 Report by Bob Murphy

Longer Training Runs and General Information

Over the next several weeks, the Saturday training runs will start to become longer. I talked with several people this past weekend at the Firecracker Race and I know there are runners who are interested in joining in on some of these weekly training runs. I want to encourage you to do so as it is a great way to learn the trails, make friends, have fun and get a great workout in.

The reason for the longer training runs is several of us are training for various upcoming races. The Volcano Marathon is at the end of July. The next trail series race, on August 13th is 22 miles. The Triple Trek (10 mile and 50K) is September 3rd and a few of us are training for a 100 mile race September 11 on the mainland.

We really appreciate knowing who will be coming on the training runs as it helps us plan water drops, aid stations, etc. We also ask that you learn as much as you can about hydration and your own nutrition needs so you can be fairly self sufficient on the trail.

We usually have people who want to do shorter distances and that is always fine. All that we ask is that you let us know and that you can get back to your car or the start on your own.

Feel free to ask any of us questions about this.


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Joe Paiva

I am going to be TDY to Fort Shafter in Honolulu next month and folks in my club in MD said there was some great trail running in HI. I am trying to find a running group to do some 10-20 mile trail runs with while I am in town.

Please email me at [email protected] if you know who I should contact.

Joe Paiva

steve  dewald

Anyone up for a hurt loop on sunday 7-10-05
email me [email protected]

Johanna Pfannenstiel

I am training for the volcano marathon, and would like to join you for some saturday runs. I am usually a solo trail runner, but my friend Darin Mingo sometimes goes with you guys, and it sounds like fun. Please let me know what I would need to do to join, thank you.

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