Aloha HURTS by Rayna Matsuno
Saturday Training 7-23-05

Thanks-Great Weekend of Training

Just wanted to thank everyone who contributed to a great weekend of training. Of course, when I say everyone, I'll probably accidentally leave someone off, my apologies.

First, thanks to Paul Sibley for including me in a run from town (Honolulu) to Kailua Friday night. We had less than ideal conditions--it was raining and foggy as we got to the Pali Highway and Pali Lookout making visibility and footing a bit tough. We both finished the night with course souvenirs--I got to know the Old Pali Highway up close and personal and Paul got his on the lower part of the Maunawili Falls trail. We're already planning our next night adventure.

Saturday, we had a good turnout and fun run.Thanks to Bozo Vierra and Mike Muench (also Steve Dewald) for dropping aid. It was good to have Don back! I heard Vernon was out on the trails. (?) Steve (Kona Bound) Dewald joined us after his kids won the kieki triathlon (future H.U.R.T. stars)  Kim and Barbi hung in there, extending their distance. Thanks to Cheryl for some awesome watermelon at the finish.

Finally, Congratulations goes out to Rayna Matsuno! She finished her first 100 mile race in Vermont and finished 20th overall with a time of 21:00.15.

See you out on the trails!


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ah....hey Bob you had some yummy guacamole out there too!
It was a really good training day,,,and soooo good to have Don home!

did Murphy sleep in that morning??

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