Saturday Training/Tantalus Trek
H.U.R.T. Contributes to Katrina!

2005 Triple Trek Results and Photos

The results from this past Saturday's Triple Trek have been posted. Click here to view both the men's and women's results. Results have also been posted on the right side of the site under Race Results.

I was able to get a few photo's from the start of the race and during Lap 1. They are viewable by clicking here and listed under Photo Albums on the right side of the blog.

It was a great race! Thanks to all the racers who participated and thanks to the volunteers for supporting this race.

We also want to thank Runner's HI, Running Room, and Fleet Feet for their support of the race.

Aloha, Bob


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Eric "Rick" Sutton

I just wanted to thank all of the people who gave me encouragement and tips before and during the triple trek. All of you truly showed great sportmanship and a politeness that I've never seen before in any race I've been in. Thanks for making my first trail and first ultra a wonderful experience

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