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Saturday Training 12-03-05

Aloha Athletes !

It was reported that last Saturday's Training Run had lots of fast trail runners battling mother nature under very rainy conditions. We'll see if this Saturday is any different as we return to the HURT course, starting at Paradise Park, for a double HURT loop. Thanks to Bob McAllaster for providing the stash at Waimanalo.

Saturday Training 12-03-05 "Double HURT Loop"

Meeting time: 4:50 am (or a time of your choice)

Starting time: 5:00 am (or a time of your choice)

Meeting place: Mauka end of Manoa Rd., just before it narrows as it heads back into Paradise Park. Please be quiet as this is a residential neighborhood.

Training: Two complete HURT loops, starting at Paradise Park (or whatever you have time for).

Stash: Cheryl will be dropping the usual at Jackass Ginger and Rex will be dropping the usual at the Nature Center.

Unfortunately, I will be on the Big Island for our company party. Have fun !


Training: Fast and Wet Report

This past Saturday several of us were scheduled to run from the entrance of Ho'omaluhia Botanical Garden out to Waimanalo and back. This is about 30 miles. When I showed up at about 5:50 a.m. I was surprised to see so many people.

As we gathered around in the darkness, I began to make out the faces--all men except for PJ. Jeff, Murphy, Steve, Paul, Rex, Carl, Fish. Gordon and myself. Suffice to say the testosterone was flowing as we quickly headed out the road in the garden! Was this a race or just fast training?

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Updated H.U.R.T. 100 Entrant List as of 11/22/05

You can see the latest H.U.R.T. 100 entrant list by clicking here. There are 49 entrants as of today. If you are considering this race, now is the time to get your application in. Remember the entrance fee goes up after 12/5/05.

All of the race information, including entrance application, is available on the right side of this site, under the H.U.R.T. 100 Race Links section.

Saturday Training 11-26-05

Aloha Athletes !

Since the Mystery Run has been postponed and in an attempt to give the HURT course a highly needed rest from foot traffic, we have a Thanksgiving treat for you. Bob McAllaster and Rex Vlcek will be leading you on a very fun training run. Gobble-gobble !!

Saturday Training 11-26-05 :The Garden + Maunawili Out and Back"

Meeting time: 5:51 am

Starting time: 6:01 am

Meeting place: The entrance to Hoomaluhia Botanical Garden (at the mauka end of Luluku Rd. in Kaneohe). Park on the street and please be quiet as this is a sleepy, residential neighborhood.

Training: Run thru the garden, go around the fence (to the left), mauka up the road past Koolau Golf Course, up to (and under) Pali Hwy., down the trail to Maunawili Trail and over to Waimanalo. Return the same route.

Distance: approx. 27-28 miles

Duration: 7-8 hours

Bring: Enough water, etc. to get you to Waimanalo (approx. 14 miles), plus a flashlight, rainbreaker, electrolytes, trail food, etc., for the duration.

Stash: Bob McAllaster will be stashing water, Gatorade and a few treats at Waimanalo. (Mahalo to Cheryl and Don for last Saturday's stash).

E-mail Bob if you plan to run on Saturday: [email protected]


UH vs. MSU Basketball--Wow!

A non-running story………….Jeff Huff and I have season tickets to UH Basketball and see each other (across the court) at games all year. We have suffered many “almost” great years and have remained loyal as best we could.

This years opening game (Saturday) was against 4th ranked Michigan State and as is his practice Jeff came to say hello before the game…………..he then proceeded in a cocky manner (very unlike Jeff) to predict a UH victory. I immediately replied “ I’d love it, but it’s just not going to happen…..however if it does, I’ll kiss your ass in public”! As the game progressed and UH built a bigger and bigger lead, I could see Jeff gesturing to most of the people sitting near him pointing to his butt and his lips and pointing me out across the court………he had 10 people standing and pointing right at me………….yikes!!

Well we won by 22 points in one of the biggest sports upsets of the year, and because I was able to escape yesterday………….you might want to come to the HURT pre-race meeting in January.


Mystery Run Postponed!

The 2006 version of the Mystery Run is officially postponed. As of the deadline (Sunday), we have 5 entrants. Last year we had 22!

  • Very sorry but it’s way too much work and too long a night for 5 people.
  • Perhaps training for HURT 6 has a big effect on entries, perhaps it’s just too hard.
  • We will save the essays and try another go in early Spring if the interest is there.
  • Many thanks to Mike Muench and Don Fallis, who spent a lot of time planning and many, many hours in the “back woods” plotting out a course.

Thanks for your understanding.


Weekend training or not

This past weekend for me personally consisted of zero training. Not good! I did manage to get 20 road miles in at the Ho'omaluhia Botanical Garden on Friday. I can't remember the last time I have run 20 miles on the road?

My training schedule was pre-empted by coaching our two daughters in a soccer tournament on Saturday and supporting Barbi who participated in the Mountainman Triathlon on Sunday. Both were successful. Pb200019

It was a very muddy bike course out at Kualoa Sunday! (Clicking on any picture will enlarge it)


I did hear a bit about the training from others. I heard Steve and Cheryl got four repeats in going back & forth from Paradise to Nuuanu. Great job! However I heard they were making a shortcut in lower Nuuanu, taking the shorter or upper Judd trail loop. They made this decision to to avoid all the mud on the regular Judd trail section. This sounds like a good idea and maybe for training right now, we should all do this as a way to keep less foot traffic on this muddy area.

Steve was out at the Mountainman Pb200013as part of a really fast relay team. He wisely chose the swim leg and his race was done in about 8 minutes. Notice how clean Steve is compared to his bike leg teammate!

However I have heard from more than one source that Steve had some serious competition for one leg on the trails Saturday--from his 8 year old son Jacob!! Apparently, Jacob was so fast on the trails, dad Steve could barely keep up!! Great job Jacob!

From what I heard Gordon also got some good training in this past Saturday and Don was out as well. Supposedly Jeff and Bob were running on Sunday and possibly with a potential pacer for the H.U.R.T. 100?? We'll have to hear from them to know for sure.

Aloha and see you on the trails, Bob

P.S. One final note, Wendy Minor who had a busy October (Ironman and Xterra) was out at Mountainman. She is like the energizer bunny--she just keeps going and going!!Pb200015

Pb200017 Pb200023

Training Run Review

In my mind, the best way to train for the H.U.R.T. 100 is to get out on the course and put in the miles. Of course, living here in Hawaii makes that easy, the course is 20 minutes from my house.

This past Saturday I ran two loops or 40 miles. It wasn't fast (or at least I am not fast) as the course was very wet and muddy, however the sun was out and as Ed says, "it's all good training." I needed to put in the miles and 12 hours later I felt good about what I had done!

Though I had company on the first loop, (Carl, a new Hawaii resident--thanks to the USAF and Marion for one of the legs), I was pretty much on my own for loop two. Three other runners were out on the course and also got 40 miles in (Ed, Gordon, and Marion), and it was nice to see them at various times throughout the day.

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Saturday Training 11-19-05

Aloha Athletes !

Congratulations to all who came out and played in the mud last Saturday. It definitely reminded me of my childhood. A big Mahalo to both PJ for her aid station, and to Kat for her stash. Thanks girls ! With the clock ticking, we have another tough training day planned for this Saturday.

Saturday Training 11-19-05 "A Day of Paradise to Jackass Repeats"

Meeting time: 5 am, 6 am...or your choice. There will be some starting at 5 am, some come join us when you can, and for as long as you can. Cheryl plans to start at 5 am and do 4 repeats. If any of you can be there to join her for her 4th loop (around 5 pm) it would make her day.

Starting time: 5 am, 6 am or your choice.

Meeting place: At the end of Manoa Rd., before it narrows, heading back into Paradise Park. Park on the street and please be quiet.

Training: Paradise to Jackass repeats (as many as you have the time and energy for)

Distance: 11 tough miles per loop

Duration: 3:45 to 4:15 (ave) per loop

Stash: Paradise: Cheryl
Jackass: Don

Bring: the usual


H.U.R.T. 2006 Entrants as of 11/9/05

I am posting this H.U.R.T. 100 entrant list to let you know who is entered as of today. So far it looks like a lot of strong and fast women are planning on being in Honolulu on January 14th and 15th.

I've heard talk of someone breaking 24 hours this year? Who's going to do it first?

If you have not sent in your application, now is the time to do it!

The application can be downloaded here or from the right side of this page under H.U.R.T. 100 Race Links. There are also four runner related booklets to download if you are entering the H.U.R.T. 100.

Aloha, Bob

NYC Marathon Results

Hey I just checked the NYC web site and saw that there were 18 runners from Hawaii.

Leading the Hawaii runners was H.U.R.T. runner Harald Ebeling with a time of 3:17:29 for a 7:31 pace.

Our friend, Darin Mingo was the second Hawaii finisher with a time of 3:32:27 for a 8:05 pace.

Congratulations to these and all the Hawaii runners!!