Mystery Run Postponed!
Saturday Training 11-26-05

UH vs. MSU Basketball--Wow!

A non-running story………….Jeff Huff and I have season tickets to UH Basketball and see each other (across the court) at games all year. We have suffered many “almost” great years and have remained loyal as best we could.

This years opening game (Saturday) was against 4th ranked Michigan State and as is his practice Jeff came to say hello before the game…………..he then proceeded in a cocky manner (very unlike Jeff) to predict a UH victory. I immediately replied “ I’d love it, but it’s just not going to happen…..however if it does, I’ll kiss your ass in public”! As the game progressed and UH built a bigger and bigger lead, I could see Jeff gesturing to most of the people sitting near him pointing to his butt and his lips and pointing me out across the court………he had 10 people standing and pointing right at me………….yikes!!

Well we won by 22 points in one of the biggest sports upsets of the year, and because I was able to escape yesterday………….you might want to come to the HURT pre-race meeting in January.



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so that's why the fans were booing...


Yikes is right John...that Huff's got one ugly butt!!

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