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Hersey Custom Shoes

I was reading over on John Vonhof's Happy Feet blog about the Hersey Custom Shoe Company. Pretty cool in today's mass produced and mass marketed world that there are still people who make a business out of custom made shoes. These are not custom fitted shoes but each shoe is custom made for the buyers feet.

If you have had trouble finding shoes that work for your feet, maybe this is the solution. The trail runner model get pretty high marks and have finished Leadville, Western States, and Angeles Crest according to their web site. I wonder if they could design a shoe that would work on our H.U.R.T. course?

Aloha, Bob


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When I first started training heavily I was turned onto Hersey shoes. As you know I am an extreme pronator and none of the store bought shoes back then fit the bill for me. I used the shoes for a couple of years and was extremely happy with them. looks like they haven't changed much since the inception. I bet Bart would put on an outer sole of your liking (something like Wasatch II). As I recall when the outer sole broke down he would replace for free, just needed to pay for shipping. The shoes are extremely durable.


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