Honolulu Marathon 2006
Great HURT Report-Davey Crockett

A Big Thank You

Little known is the efforts of a few very very tired friends, who stuck around right after the race, and then came to the Nature Center the morning after, to deal with the aftermath of the mess we created there. I'm talking about Mike and Patricia, Joel and Stephanie, and the Huffer, who swept, mopped and cleaned the NC, helped  load our U-haul to send home the NC aid station gear. If that was not enough, the next morning they hosed down the rest of the area, and dealt with the enormous task of handling U-haul contents from Nuuanu that we inherited. Trish single handily washed and scrubbed about 9 coolers, while, the rest sorted through the gear to toss and inventory, then drove the U-haul to a storage facility to pack it all for the time being, into a storage locker (to be dealt with later this month). I hear Joel was the master mind for systematically organizing the contents into the locker, leaving not even a square inch of space afterwards.

There are so many stories of unselfish contribution of time and effort to this race- thanks a million to everybody!!!!


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Daren R. Sefcik

I know I cannot say thank you enough to any & everyone involved with making the race happen. HURT is an incredible course but the people and quality of the race are what keep me coming back. To all of the people at the aid stations, the cleanup crew, Tesh for the pictures, and everyone else that volunteers their time to allow each runner to enjoy the race, I want to say thank you so much, Mucho Mahalo!!

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