Great HURT Report-Davey Crockett
Run To The Sun

Run to the Sun Training Camp

aloha everybody,

Congrats to everybody on a great HURT 100 race, both to runners, vol's, etc. 

Jeff Huff and I were discussing a possible training weekend on Maui after the Run to the Sun.  Because Jeff is looking into Hardrock, we were thinking of trying to get some altitude training in near the summit.  I'm going to write the Nat'l Park and see about the availabiltiy of one of the crater cabins for Saturday night.  If not available, were talking about just camping out in tents.  Basically, the idea is to take it easy on the actual race, and then spend the next day doing repeats of some sorts up sliding sands or running inside the crater.  We'd probably catch the last flight out on Sunday evening. 

If interestested in being in a cabin if we get one, just post a comment on on this post.  If you've never stayed in one of the cabins, well, they are pretty sweet.  They even stock them with wood to make a fire. 




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bram denhaan

You might want to try Poli Poli state park, plenty of trails between 6-8000' and accessable by car

Bob McAllaster


This sounds fun. One question, you taking your bike again? Perhaps Jeff might be up for the steak challenge?? Perhaps repeats with your bike on his back??

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