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May 18, 2006


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Mike Garcia

Hi Bob,
I asked the same question, but it was confirmed that the location was indeed, Foster Village. Was amazed that one hunter alone caught 9 pigs somewhere on the island.
The meetings for the Trail Advisory Board are very informative and open to the public. Please join us for the next one in a few months.

Mike Garcia

Hi Bob,
It's hard to imagine a pig that size in Foster Village, but apparently they are a real problem everywhere on the island.
The reports come directly from Pascual, the representative from the Pig Hunters Association.
Yikes... saw a 103# pig Friday and it was pretty big... imagine a larger one rooting in your backyard!

Bob McAllaster

Mike, Thanks for this update. Good info to know. Hopefully the work gets done on time. 135lb pig in Foster Village?? Is that correct? Foster Village is by Radford High School and a long ways from the mountains.

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