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Matt Stevens

Don-Congrats on finishing, as we know you would.....but honestly, if you and I are going to obliterate the 22 hr. mark at HURT next January and achieve legend status in the ultra world, you gotta be getting closer to 13 hrs. on a race like this! We're still on for quitting our jobs, killing Tantlus pigs with our bare hands for protein and training 20 hrs a day for the next six months, right?!! If not, I gotta go talk to my boss......

Great job bud; your an inspiration.

Rod Bien

Great job Don!! I hope the buzz of your PR lasts all through the summer. Congrats on a great race!!
Rod Bien


Great job.
You are an inpiration to us all.


Don,you are simply amazing.
You help to make training a pleasure and racing for a PR, a reachable goal.
We can all learn from you....

Bob McAllaster

Great report Don! Thanks for sharing it. Congratulations on your PR!!

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