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Volcano 10 mile


My name is Jakob. My dad is Steve. I am 8 years old. I have run the trail series this year and other

races too. I want to run the 10 mile at the volcano. My mom and brothers are running 5 but I want to go

farther. My dad says he will run with me but I want him to do the marathon like he always does.

If anybody wants to run with me let me know. I can run kinda quick.

Thank You,



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Wendy Minor

I'd love to run the 10 miler with you...but, I'd be so far behind you at mile 1 that you would be this little speck out there on the lava ahead of me....
You are going to be one heckuva great fact, you already are!
Have fun out there in the lava!

Nanci Gandy

Wow! The 10 Miler! At your age, I was lucky to run 10 feet; plus you beat me on the Tantalus race! You have the makings of a super runner! I’m going to be running too, but I signed up for the marathon. I will be cheering for you from out there on the course, and probably wishing that I was running the 10 miler myself! I know that you will do great!


a chip off the ol' block. are you the next "tim marr?" jakob?

Les Omura

Hey Jakob,
Good luck to you as you run your ten miles at the Volcano. I'm glad to hear see that your Mom and brothers will be out there doing the 5 miler too!
I will be running the marathon, chasing after your Dad. Good luck to you. Hopefully I'll see you and your family at the finish.
I did see your Dad's picture in the paper! He IS the Best of the Best landscaper of all Hawaii! Aloha, Les Omura

matt stevens

Jakob, I'm stoked for you that you want to do the 10 miler. I know you'll do a great job and finish just fine! I respect the work your putting in to do the HURT trail races. I would love to run with you, but I'm already signed up for the marathon myself. If I can find anyone to go with you, I'll let you know. I'm sure we will be able to find someone who will be a good friend out there to run with. Look forward to seeing you at the finish line over there! alohas, Matt
PS: keep having fun with running, because when you run happy, you usually end up running fast!

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