Volcano Marathon Potluck
Saturday Training 6-24-06

July 1 Kaena Point Firecracker Reminder and HURT Trail Shirts

Uncle_sam Barbi and I rode Kaena Point this past Saturday on our mountain bikes. The course is in excellent shape. There is just one area of the washout that requires crossing on a 4" x 4" plank. You have a nice big rock to hold on to and it is pretty easy--we did it carrying our bikes.

More info is available on the race by clicking here.Firecracker

Additionally, we have HURT Trail Series shirts available for $20. These are Patagonia silk weight capilene and are great training shirts and fun to wear around. These will be available at the race.

Hurt_shirt2 Hurt_shirt5 Click on photo to enlarge it.


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Doug Bloedorn

Is anyone planning a run this Sunday (6/25). Maybe, something easy around the Tantalus area.
(10 - 19.5 m)

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