Kaena Point Firecracker 10 Mile Race is Saturday, July 1
Saturday Training 6-17-06

Sunday Training: Nature Center to Waimanalo, THE EASY WAY!!

aloha everybody,

Jeff Huff and I were talking last night, and we wanted to put together the easiest stretch of 20 miles we could find for a little run on Sunday morning.  We will be meeting at Nature Center at 5:45 AM, proceed to Nu'uanu via the trails, cross over the Pali Lookout and join up with the Maunawili Trail.  A few miles in, we will take the cut off to the falls, go through Maunawili neighberhood, summit the first, second and third peaks of Olo Mana, and top off with buswhacking our way back to the Maunawili Trail and end up in Nalo.  We expect to finish around noon, but who knows with a course this easy, know what I'm saying?   All are welcome.  I'll post any updates on Sat. if there are changes, but this looks pretty firm.  If you come, bring a camelback rather than bottles b/c you will need both hands descending third peak!  Come and find out who is afraid of heights in our HURT group! 


Matt Stevens

PS: "The shortest distance between two points IS NOT THE POINT."  -annonymous


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Jeff Huff

I think I will pack my GPS, safety whistle, rabbit's foot and a four leaf clover.

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