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August 27, 2006


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Paul Sibley

Caution not to confront the ice heads (first hand experience) that are likely the culprits. I park farther away and walk/jog up. Tantulus is full of crime, as you can see everyday when you are on the road. Advocacy with local groups, neighbors and media is a good approach.


Call talk-story on channell 8 news. That might be a good source. Someone had tried to break in our van several months ago. Used a screw driver to break the lock on the back door of the van. Plus several scratches. They could not get in.

Carl Wooten

If anyone has a good video camera I'd be happy to sit in a tree across the street and catch the little turds on film. Or I could borrow a Gilly suit from the guys in SOCPAC and sit in the long grass with a camera ;) Either way, I think sending faces on film to the police or local news would do more than a security guard.

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