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August 22, 2006


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Kalapu Uluvale

Sorry went make one mistake.

Last line should read:

"What really the Hurt 100 but only seem that way. 100 miles or 100 kilometers it is one HURT way to get there."

Kalapu Uluvale

I been all lepo and sweaty and pilau for so long I can no remember for when I was something else. It’s too dark and rainy and this Manoa trail is all alive with lapu and menahune who are very huhu bout me waking them up so late at night. They been throwing rocks on and off the trail causing little landslides that echo infront and behind me, and making the bamboo go clack, clack, clack in cadence with my unsteady foot steps, following my along like a drummer’s roll for a condemned man on his way to the gallows. I try run faster but I got this really big raw spot in that place where the mud collects between my legs, so I only gimp along bowlegged taunted by the spirits of the dark valley. Fleeing endlessly through the rain along the steep slippery muddy trail, the cliff tops mocking me, never letting me gain the crest, I go pinch myself for make this one bad dream but can no wake up from what I remember is the HURT 1000.

So you want one special time too? Go try the HURT 1000! What really the Hurt 100 but only seem that way. 100 miles or 100 kilometers it is one hard way to get there.

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