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Sunday’s Windward Half is pretty much of a Lark for most of the HURT gang.  After all

FLAT ROAD courses are not our usual fare.   And it’s ONLY 13 miles.   But it should be a great chance to just relax and have a good time.   

After the race you are invited to a HURT get together at 238 Ku’ukama which is just around the corner from the Start/Finish line.   I’ll provide the coffee, drinks, fruit, and pastries.  Bring something if you like or just show up.  Enjoy a relaxed time with the HURT buddies you usually only talk to when you are trying to pass them on the trail.

Bring you family, and friends.  Let's take a few moments to enjoy together the great fortune we all have in running with HURT and living here in



Ku'ukama Street is Kailua road side of the Intermediate School on Kainalu.  238 is on the left, Makai of Kainalu, two houses from the intersection.   


Mike M

Trail Work Update

On 9-26, the first HURT 100 trail maintenance group (the MMs) met in the dark, and the rain, at Jackass Ginger. We carried tools and backpacks at 6:10 am, across the raging Nuuanu Stream, up to the top of the switchbacks on Nuuanu Trail.Before

Aftre2 With Aaron's hoes,rakes, and picks, we hacked out slide areas to widen the trail, raked and raked little rubbly areas, cut a few drains to let water flow off the trail, cleared a blocked waterfall on the trail to let the water run free, raked a BIG rubbly area that consisted of about a two foot deep layer of baseball sized rocks, cut in a few steps, and trimmed a few overhanging rubbish plants over the trail. After5

We finished about 11:30, feeling a little dirty and trashed, but very satisfied about our accomplishment. Wish we had had a few minutes to run back up and down the trail to enjoy our handy work, but that will have to wait until our next trip to the trail. Chances are we'll have to go back and re-rake right before the race, but at least the trail will be a little safer during training for the 100.

Trail workers included: Mike M., Bozo, Carl Wooten, McAllaster,Cheryl and PJ.

Brenton Floyd: From Triple Trek

At TTT, we were joined by Brenton Floyd and his grandmother "mamabetty", his handler, in Brenton's effort to complete his SECOND round of marathons in all 50 states and D.C.

Greg Cuadra, Nancy Gandy (finishing her first ultramarathon!), did the TTT the following day with Brenton. Cheryl Loomis, Kelly McPherson, and PJ Salmonson did the first loop of the course, so that Brenton could have the required 5 starters for his "Just Another Good Time 50k" series of 50ks. I believe Brenton is the youngest of the "Marathon Group" that you can read about on their web site. Mamabetty was the RD, and sent us all formal certificates for entering the event- pretty cool Mamabetty. Thank you!

accolades from the web site:

Brenton Floyd - 18, youngest member of the 50 & D.C. Marathon Group has completed 300 marathons. Brenton finished his 300th race at the Knoxville Marathon, in Knoxville, Tennessee on March 26th, 2006!

Brenton Taylor Floyd , at age 21, finished all 50 & DC for the 2nd time on 09-02-06 at Tantalus Triple Trek 50k in Honolulu Hawaii. Brenton is your Youngest 2nd time Finisher!

Saturday Training, 9-30-06: Reverse Trek plus Hogsback Repeats

From what I hear, this past Saturday some people did up to three repeats of Paradise to Nuuanu and back. That is great HURT training!

For this coming Saturday, something different is planned. The group is planning to run one reverse Trek loop (10 miles) and then do multiple repeats up Hogsback, over the crossover trail and back down Center trail. This is a combined HURT and Hogsback 12 Hour training run (HURT Hogsback 12 Hour Race is October 14). The Saturday group may be a bit smaller than usual as several HURT runners will be running the Windward Half Marathon on Sunday in Kailua.

Have at it Runners.

Meeting time: 5:50 am

Starting time: 6:00 am

Meeting place: The Nature Center lower parking lot. Remember to leave no valuables in your car.

Training: One reverse Trek loop and multiple repeats of the Hogsback lower loop.

Distance: 10 miles for the reverse Trek loop and 2-1/2 miles for each Hogsback lower loop.

Duration: 2 hours for the Trek loop, 40 - 60 min per lower loop.

Bring: Water & other nutritional aid for your own use at the start/finish. Be prepared with electrolytes as it will probably be hot and humid.

Good training!

Alan Webb: Sleeper for the HURT 100?!?!

Emailcopy2 Emailcopy1

If you were not worried about the fast approaching HURT 100, you should be!  This past Sunday, Alan Webb, a 3:48 miler and America's finest middle distance talent, was out on Maunawili Trail and hammering!  If you think your in shape, you'll think differently after he hands you your a** going back up the Old Pali after 12 miles! 

But seriously, Nike brought him out for the Iolani XC Invite at Kualoa and Todd convinced him to join us for a little trail work on Sunday.  Really nice guy, plus he has great stories about international competition!  But...alas, he declined my invite to the HURT 100 (:  Not enough prize money or glory or something.....ha ha

Nature Center Break-Ins Update

Since 8/30, I have been making a few phone calls about the lower parking lot break-ins. HPD advised they are aware of the problem, and plan to send additional patrols. They referred me to Chinatown Substation, who monitors this area, and they are keeping track of the reported break-ins. It is imperative that we always make a police report of any incidents.

In turn, they referred me to Weed and Seed, of HPD, who's purpose is to work with the community to resolve/educate regarding area problems such as ours. They can not place a Sting operation there, because it is under jurisdiction of State Parks. So, back to Aaron and Na Ala Hele. Weed and Seed did suggest to the parkers:

1. Observe the signs at the lot
2. Never leave anything in sight in your car. Remove anything that is important (put your registration and No-Fault cards in a baggy in your pocket; take valuables with you.
3. Get interested groups to share responsibility for staking out a visible guard in the lot (take turns, do shifts, sit in a lawn chair with an orange vest). This State-wide problem involves a crime of opportunity, and the thieves won't approach if there is a body in the lot. (should we put fliers on windshields to ask for interested participants?)
4. Use common sense- don't park next to the hillside in the lot, or on the road next to the meadow, where it is easier for thieves to zip in and out without being seen. Trim the high grass around the lot, along the hillside. (Maybe we can do this??)

I've also made contact with the Makiki/Tantalus Neighborhood Board. The person who contacted me remembers me from the fact I always contact them in regards to our Triple Trek and HURT 100 race. Anyway, the bottom line is we may get added to their October agenda and I think they are concerned and sympathetic to this situation. Hopefully we can get on the agenda and gather the full Board's support. The contact even had a suggestion for a video camera that records directly to a hard drive.

Patricia and I attended the Trail Advisory Board meeting last evening, in Mike G.'s absence. Various interest groups, including Trish for HURT trail maintenance work, gave brief reports.
I was asked to report on the parking lot information, and brought up the following:

1. Can we put a lunch wagon vender there on Sat/Sun like Pali Lookout had? (Pali's was removed once they put in their surveillance cameras). While they are there, we shouldn't see any break-ins. Perhaps a vendor could apply by lottery for a 6 month permit at a time, so if multiple venders were interested, more would get their chance.

2. Could we implement a paid parking lot, as some other parks do? We could charge a minimal amount just to cover the equipment and gate guard expenses.

I think the ideas were received well, but it was noted that our bureaucracies might make implementation cumbersome, if not impossible.

Aaron mentioned some time ago that the surveillance cameras, such as the Pali camera, coast about $25,000 annually- wow! ...but, he is now looking into another camera that sounds more reasonable.

Finally, thanks for reading this long winded message.

Any more ideas from the BLOG members would be appreciated! Please click on Comments to share your ideas.


To the Weekday Morning Menahune HURT100-M Trail Workers: 9-27-06

I'll be heading up the MMs (Morning Menahune) for occasional workdays, and coordinating the weekday trail work plans with Aaron. (Mike will be coordinating the heavier weekend workdays already scheduled).

By the way, I met Aaron this Monday to discuss our intended Nuuanu trail work, and he gave us some very good suggestions, including engineering instructions for some minor grading around the slide areas. I'll pass that on to you on the trail, and we will include that with our main efforts of rubble raking .

We are NOW formally scheduled for work on Wednesday morning, Sept.27.- We will meet and park on Nuuanu Pali Hwy, just below the "Y" where it splits off into Old Pali Rd., for a 6 am departure to the Jackass Ginger trail head. (Maybe we will see the LOST crew filming one of these days).

We will head towards the top of the switchbacks to target a few work areas, and work down from there in small groups.

Please bring gloves, LOTS of water, and a snack to sustain you through the morning. We won't work past 11:30 am.

I need a headcount please, no later than Monday, so I can pick up the tools from Aaron on Tuesday. Cheryl, Mike M, Carl Wooten, have already indicated they can attend(please reconfirm), but we need a few more.

Aaron is very grateful for our interest in grooming the HURT100 trails this season. So, if any of us see a problem on the trails that we want to correct during the weekday, please send me a brief description of the work and location intended, so I get it into an email to Aaron. That way he will have the opportunity to add his input if he needs to, and he will also be informed if anyone calls him to ask what's going on in any given trail work area. I thought that was a fair request, and would benefit us of Aaron's trail expertise in certain work areas. (My contact info: [email protected] / 235-0577)

Until Aaron is able to hire another "tech" for the one he lost, we need to take a more pro-active role in maintaining HURT100 trails. We understand that Aaron is working through the cumbersome process of hiring another employee....it is definitely in the works. After not finding a suitable employee "in house" (which the State requires they search first), they are interviewing additional applicants).

I should mention that there are a few areas that are being reforested on the Tantalus trails- the main one by an interested  botanical group, in the area just below the TTT high point on Manoa Cliff Trail, down towards what used to be "the map sign". They are cutting cinnamon trees, and weeding in order to make room for the Hawaiian trees and plants- already there have been more Koa seedlings sprouting, several Hawaiian ferns, etc, in the area, due to their hard efforts.

If we ever plan to do overgrowth clearings, we need to be aware of the native plants, and stay away from the areas where the botanical folks are working.

Please let me know if you can help out. Aloha, PJ

Saturday Training, 9-23-06: Paradise to Nuuanu Repeats

Yes, this weeks training is the same as last week--just more repeats.  Thanks to Paul Sibley for dropping aid in Nuuanu last week! Cheryl will again be leading this training for HURT VII. Come out and join the group for as little or as much as you can. My schedule will again keep me off the trails.

Meeting time: 5:50 am

Starting time: 6:00 am

Meeting place: The mauka end of Manoa Rd. just before it narrows, as it heads back into Paradise Park.  Park on the street and please be quiet as this is a residential neighborhood.

Training: Repeats from Paradise Park to Nuuanu/Jackass Ginger and back. Planning on three repeats.

Distance: About 11+ miles per over and back.

Duration: 3:00 to 4:00 hrs per loop.

Stash: Water & Gatorade in Nuuanu. Bring your own for the start/finish at Paradise Park

Bring: Water & other nutritional aid for your own use at the start/finish. Be prepared with electrolytes as it will probably be hot and humid.

Good training!

What I Did for Fun This Summer by Brian Wilson

HURT 100 finisher, Brian Wilson, sent in some photo's of a race he did on the mainland this summer. Here is what Brian said about the race:

"The race is called Mt. Misery Mania. It is run as an interval relay but also has an Ultra division. It is 56.5 miles climbing from 750 to 5800' over 30+ miles. It has some ups and downs with a couple of big climbs. Really what I remeber is never ending low angle climbs (flat - flat - flat by our hawaii standards). It drops in a big way over the last 15 - 20 miles. You'll be able to see this in the pics. It is mostly dirt and gravel road with 3 short segs of asphalt in the first 10 miles. I finished in 13:47 with a very modest 1st place finish out of 3 total in the ultra division. I'd guess 60 - 100 ran in the relay div. It was a very different race, but a good time none the less. Race website is at www.seaportstriders.com"

Click here to see his photo's. Thanks for sharing Brian!



Aloha HURT Runners!

In preparation for HURT VII next January 13-14, 2007, listed below is a schedule of trail work we would like to accomplish.

Your kokua would be most appreciated!

1.  Middle of last week in September '06:  Rake down Nuuanu Trail.

2.  Saturday, 28 October '06:  Regrade badly eroded section of Manoa Cliffs (area just below the section HURT members regraded last year).  If we have enough volunteers, we can also groom trail from the start of Manoa Cliffs (just off Kalawahine) up to the trex sign on the same day!

3.  Saturday, 2 December '06:  Grade and swale Aihualama.  Primary focus will be relieving areas that are eroded and trapping water just before the bamboo forest.  Again, if we have enough volunteers, we can also groom Aihualama Trail (start at Leon's pie-stand) down to Manoa Falls.

4.  Middle of last week in December '06:  Rake down and groom Nuuanu Trail again as required.

5.  Saturday, 6 January '07:  Light grooming/touch-up as required.

Start times/meeting locations will be posted on the blog.  Reminders will be emailed to those interested in helping.

Since we must check-out work tools from the DLNR Baseyard, we will need an accurate head count.  So...

          *If you can make any of the mid-week work dates, please email PJ:  [email protected]

          *If you can help on any of the Saturday work, please email Mike:  [email protected]

Look forward to working with you on the trails!



2007 HURT 100 Entrant List as of 9-14-06

Here's the updated list for this week. Several new names added. Lots of people showing their commitment to training and preparation early for the January race. Click here to see the updated list.

For previous HURT 100 runners, don't forget the opportunity for free entry into this years race. All you need to do is write up a really good endorsement or promo of the race. Click here for details. The deadline for this contest (October 1) is fast approaching.

Get out there and RUN!!


Aloha Runners,

Many of you will start your HURT training in earnest this month -you will visit sections of the race course last seen in January during HURT VI.

While running in lower Nuuanu a few weeks ago, Patricia and I encountered numerous blue numbers spray-painted on the tall pines, lots of flagging tape, and hip-chain strings - all in the "Enchanted forest" area.  Needless to say, we were surprised at the extent of the spray-painting!

Inquiries were made to DLNR.  Apparently Forestry, OISC, and Wildlife were/are concurrently surveying the Honolulu Mauka Trail system.  Aaron of DLNR has reminded their workers to keep management markings to a minimum and to find more creative ways to meet their management objectives.

Good luck with your training!