Break-Ins at Nature Center and Neighborhood Board Meeting on Thursday Evening
WARNING: Crazed Young Haole Runner Terrorizing HURT Veterans on Trails!

Saturday Training, 10-21-06: HURT Loop, Starting at Manoa

This Saturday we are planning on running a HURT loop starting in Manoa and going over to Nuuanu and then running to the Nature Center and finishing back in Manoa at Paradise Park. Rex and Kat will be leading this week.

Good luck to Gil, Nick, and Wendy over in Kona!!

Just a head's up: We plan on a night run on Friday, October 27. We are probably going to do two reverse Trek loops. More details later. Get your flashlights/headlamps out. This is also good training for HURT 100 pacers.

Saturday Training

Meeting time: 5:50 am

Starting time: 6:00 am

Meeting place: The mauka end of Manoa Rd. just before it narrows, as it heads back into Paradise Park.  Park on the street and please be quiet as this is a residential neighborhood.

Training: One full HURT loop

Distance: 20 miles

Duration: 5 - 6 hrs.

Stash: Water & Gatorade in Nuuanu. Water at the Nature Center

Bring: Water & other nutritional aid for your own use at the start/finish. Be prepared with electrolytes as it will probably be hot and humid.

Good training! Aloha, Bob


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Paul Sibley

Trail is holding up well after the earthquake and some nasty rains on 10/20. Running Friday night during the storm was awesome with Manoa Falls blasting the trail from over 50 yards away! Sweet. Watch those loose boulders that shifted from the earthquake and rain. Overall, still a fast course. See you out there, if you are running late night:)

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