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HURT 100 Trail Marking

Aloha Athletes !

PJ and I will be putting together a HURT 100 trail marking team. Organizing will begin in earnest the week of December 8-15, 2006, so if you are interested, please plan on contacting either one of us that week. Trail marking is planned to be done the morning of Friday, January 12, 2007, with marking removal planned for Monday, January 15, 2007. Contact info, specific times and meeting places to follow on the blog.

Please make your plans now. Your help is much appreciated.  Mahalo, Don


First, a Big Mahalo to PJ, Bozo, Trish, Harald, the Huffer, and Mike for a job well done last week on Aihualama Trail!  You all did a great job out there!!
We have one last work day scheduled before HURT VII - would appreciate those of you who can make some time to come out and help.  Here are the particulars:
    1.  Date:  Saturday, 2 December 2006 - this will be a good upper body workout before the marathon!
    2.  Time: 0800 - that's 8AM for the Army types...
    3.  Meet: In Manoa - residential area just below the road leading in to Paradise Park.  Look for my red truck.
    4.  Bring:  Water, lunch, bugspray (nasty skeeters), sunscreen, gloves, and hat.
    5.  Tools:  I will pick up tools at DLNR Baseyard Friday and return. Tools will be delivered to parking area where we will meet.
    6.  Scope of work:  After distribution of tools, we will hike up to Aihualama via the service trail (aka "Predator").  The day's plan will be to:
        a.  Continue widening and grading of trail section that Harald and Trish were working on, plus work on other similar sections.
        b.  If we have enough horsepower, I hope to attack at least one of the heavily eroded switchbacks.  We will dig and place buttress rocks (as we did on Manoa
            Cliffs trail) and install rock swales to divert rainwater off the main trail.
Please pass this message on to anyone you think may be interested in coming out to help.  My apologies if I have inadvertently left someone off this email.
Would appreciate your reply by early evening Thursday, 30 November 2006.  I need a definite headcount to figure out what tools to pick up Friday morning.
Don't hesitate to call or email if you have questions.
cell:  265-2611

Saturday Training 12-02-06

Aloha Athletes !

This Saturday will be a repeat of the one Saturday before last, starting at Cheryl's at 5:00 am, going to the Waimanalo side of Maunawili Trail, up to Pali Lookout, down Pali Hwy./Old Pali Hwy. to Jackass Ginger and over to the Nature Center, and return to Cheryl's. If you have questions or need directions, please call Cheryl at 277-4960.

Meeting time: 4:50 am

Starting time: 5:00 am

Distance: approx. 40-42 miles

Duration: 12-14 hours (ave.)

Bring: Since aid and stash will be spread out (and relatively far apart) please carry plenty of water, snacks, sports drink and electrolytes to support yourself for up to 4 hours at a time.


Bug Going Around

It's that time of year for training, and viruses.  The Oahu ER's are filling up with people coming in with severe nausea and also the other end.  With our training increasing, please take extra care to wash hands to avoid getting sidelined doing that last weeks of volume before HURT.  Trust me, I know the ER too well with my family looking like the Exorcist:)  Not pretty.  See you out there if my family gets better!

Paul Sibley

Wednesday Trail Work Report by Mike Muench

It hasn’t rained much in Manoa Valley over the past weeks; dry and humid, like the rest of the island.  I ran most of a HURT loop last Friday and I didn’t even get much mud on my socks-- which is a testament to how dry things have been.    But when I got up at 5:00 AM on Wednesday morning it was pouring.  The squalls had been loafing down the valley releasing those big dime sized drops that can hit a leaf and knock it right off the tree.  I was tempted to just roll over and go back to bed.   But PJ had scheduled trail work for 6:00 and there was no getting around the fact that I had talked to her the night before and committed to being there.   I roused myself, made a pot of coffee and listened to the rain as I my brain reconnected with my body over a my morning hit of caffeine.

It was still raining a bit when I arrived late at the top of Manoa  Road.  PJ was out of her car laying out the tools and Bozo and  Harold and Trish were getting their gear together.  We were discussing who got what when the Huffer arrived.   There was a paucity of people and a more than  ample selection of tools.  Not wishing to seem reluctant to commit to a hard days work we each of grabbed two tools and headed up the road outfitted like platoon of Conservation Corps. Conscriptees.    We hadn’t gone 20 yards when it started to rain hard once again.  Big hard drops fell fast and furious in one of those little wind kind of showers that never seems to pass.   It began to rain so hard that when Harold stopped under the Paradise Park pedestrian bridge to grab a breath of air we all did the same.   We stood there partially sheltered from the downpour for maybe ten minutes  talking softly and feeling the rain pound the ground into vibration in what seemed to be a never ending crescendo of noise and water.    

It was still raining when we moved on.  There was work to do, we were already soaked, and there seemed to be sufficient gaps between the still pelting rain to grab an occasional breath without drowning.  Harold and I strode ahead of the others, in what seemed to develop into kind of an ultra ultra workout.   Quite frankly I forgot, as I always do, just how far it was to the slide beyond the apu’a’a markers and ‘over the edge’ tree-- that’s the one that you have to tightly grab the hand hold when you go under it because the ground slopes at what seems to be a 70 degree angle toward the abyss.   Anyway I forgot how far it was, and the tools were heavy, so I pushed a bit hoping to get there before my arms fell off.   As we made our way up the trail we endured the constantly dripping water and mumbled occasionally about the places that needed work.   Why we didn’t just stop at one of ‘em and do the work that needed doing is something I have no answer for.  PJ said go to the tree.  I don’t think Harold suggested we stop but he may have, but it was early in the morning and I wasn’t thinking too clearly, and it seemed urgent to get where we were going.   So Harold and I kind of sprinted to top, and when we got there and started working it was no shock to find that the day was already very long and we were worn out before we even started.   

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(updated) Javelina 100 Report by Mike Muench

A Siren Song and a Warm Bed

I have been moving forever and I must move forevermore.  There is only the shuffling of  my feet and the occasional attempts to run which are stalled by the pains in my legs.
It is clear to me that the myth of Sisyphus is derived from ancient tales of  runners given phenomenal tasks. 

I am weary but it is the tightness in my hip that is slowing me.  Occasional runners plod past me and I feel only mild frustration.  The sense of urgency has abandoned me, and this is no longer a competition; it has become a way of life, an existence, a soul purpose.  I move on, each step is past me.  The next step faces me and demands my strength. I am in the meditative state.      

I am running without a light as the brightness of the moon is almost blinding.  It lights the trail with a cool feverish glow that causes what it touches to vibrate and casts long ink dark shadows that ripple softly across the barren landscape.   It is the world of the Necromancers where the pale sun is near death and strangeness stalks a shadowy land. 

Dark forms on my right become Mayan warrior heads as I approach.  They line the trail like a history painted on the walls of a ceremonial pyramid, each head marking the passage of an ancient reign.  I know each will tell me some gruesome story if I stop, but I move slowly by focused on the trail. They silently mouth strange curses and charms to me; each in turn offended when I do not stop to listen to his tale.   One head leers at me flicking a snake-like tongue, eyes wide and ogling, it raises a dagger as  I stare back in fascination. The image morphs and I find myself confronting a dancing kokopeli who plays a tune on his flute that draws me toward the darkness.  Blackness sweeps over me and the entrancer slides out of my vision in turbulent rolling focus as my eyes cross and roll to search the back of my brain.

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Saturday Training 11-25-06

Aloha Athletes !

Now's your big chance to kill 2 birds with one stone..."turkey's", that is ! You can join the group for a good training run this Saturday, and all the while work off some of the added calories consumed over Thanksgiving. We've even moved up the starting time to 7:00 am for those of you wanting to sleep in (or you can start earlier and meet the rest of us later, al;ong the way).

Saturday Training 11-25-06 "The Garden to Pali Lookout" repeats

Meeting time: 6:51 am

Starting time: 7:01 am

Meeting place: The entrance to Hoomaluhia Botanical Garden in Kaneohe

Training: Run through the Garden, around the gate, up the road past Koolau Golf Course, up Old Pali Road, under Pali Highway and up Old Pali Road to Pali Lookout (and return). Repeat as many times as you like.

Distance: 9.6 miles (roundtrip).

Duration: approx: 2 hours (ave. per roundtrip)

Stash: Water will be stashed at Pali Lookout

See ya there !


Wednesday Morning Trail Work: 11/22/06

A couple of the same good souls volunteered to work this Wednesday morning- hope there might be a few more, we are pretty short handed!

I need to know if you can help us by early this evening (Monday),
so I can know how many tools to pick up tomorrow morning. e-mail PJ here if you can help.

We will meet at the back of Manoa around 6- 6:15 am, and leave for the trailhead at 6:15. We'll hike to near the top of Aihualama, and then work our way down till we get tired- probably will quit around 11-11:15 at the latest.

1240 Calories in your Thanksgiving Meal???

Yes, it's Thanksgiving here in the U.S. this week. I know (my wife is Canadian), Thanksgiving was a month ago for our Northern friends.

For many people, the winter and the holiday's are times we tend to eat more and perhaps--add on a few pounds. For HURT 100 participants, we don't have to worry too much. With the race in January, we won't be adding many extra pounds

Even Honolulu marathon runners can get away with eating a bit more since they probably lost some weight in training for the upcoming race on 12/10.

The Sports Geezer has a couple of posts I recommend you check out. Go to this link and click on the about.com link to calculate your calories and how far you might have to walk.

In another post, he states you would have to walk for 10 hours after your Thanksgiving meal to wear it off. Sounds like a normal Ultra training day to me. However research shows it is actually better to exercise before you sit down to the big meal. Read it all here.

Have a great Thanksgiving! See you out exercising early that day! Does the 12 hours and 40 + miles I did this past Saturday count for anything?

2007 HURT 100 Entrants as of 11-19-07

The list keeps getting longer, seven more applicants this update. In addition to our Canadian friends, we also have entrants from both Japan and the UK.

Time to get those app's in. Remember the price goes up after December 5--if there is any more room. The race has a cap of 100 runners.

The pigs have been out in force. I heard stories over the weekend of a couple of different runners coming face to face with pigs who think the trails belong to them. Also saw some pig hunters, who unfortunately seemed to be spending more time looking for their lost dog, then hunting.

Click here to see the latest entrants. Good training!

Help Wanted: Trail Workers for Wed. 11/22 a.m. only

PJ is still planning on a trip up Aihualama from the Paradise Park, alone if need be, a week from today. Anyone available please call me by Monday so I can pick up our tools Tuesday. We'll start up at daylight and work from the top down to even out a better footing and widen the trail in some areas. I think Mike will tackle the lower sections there in the December 2 work-group ( I will be on the Mainland for that one).
Aaron isn't able to make a firm commitment yet to do some major clearing the last month of December, first week of January, until he has a better handle on the Puomoho projects, but I think he wants to help us in that regard. He does have new weed whackers that he mentioned before, that he could release to us after a short training- that is if we have any more trail maintenance left in us by that time. My hope is he'll get some guys up there finish it off for us- say some prayers.

E-mail PJ ASAP by clicking here if you can help next week! More info is here. Thanks!