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2007 HURT 100--Latest Update


Thank you all. Over the last couple weeks we have received an incredible amount of applications for the 2007 edition of the H.U.R.T. 100. It has been 7 years in the making, but we are proud to announce that this year's event has filled to capacity. As such, we are no longer accepting applications since all 100 bib numbers have been accounted for. It appears that the
H.U.R.T. 100 has finally come of age in the eyes of the ultrarunning community. On behalf of the H.U.R.T. 100 we thank you all for the continued interest and belief in our event. For those of you who have missed out on the opportunity to run with arguably one of H.U.R.T.'s deepest fields we encourage you to enter the 2008 edition of the event (application available in June 07). Remember we have no lottery, nor do we have any rigid entry guidelines. The only requirement for you the runner is to "give a little Aloha, and to get a little Aloha."

Mahalo for the continued support. We will be posting an updated list in a few days.

Much Aloha



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Mike Mason

let the good times roll!

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