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Golden Harper

I was there as well and would like to thank everyone, especially Steve and Gil for making it such a great day for me, especially the many times I got lost! I'm really glad I came out and did this and am looking forward to the race. Steve and Gil, feel free to contact me at .
P.S. I made it all the way from the nature center to paradise park without losing the hurt 100 course and without getting lost once! I also exceeded my goal and made that section in just under an hour and 10 minutes! Good luck and I'll see you on race day.

Don Moden

I would like to extend a special Thank You to all of the HURT runners that provided their knowledge, company, and support during the 15-hour training day. After a number of Longboard Lagers at Duke's I slept like a baby on my red-eye back to Arizona. See you all in January!


It was simply amazing out there...great weather,,,great trails,,,and great friends.
This is the toughest training day for many of us,,,and I saw nothing but smiling faces.
Thanks to all for making HURT such a special time and place.

now on to the race!!!

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