2007 HURT 100--Latest Update
Saturday Training 12-23-06: Paradise - Jackass Repeats

Post 50 Mile Report

I counted 21 people out training for HURT yesterday and I might even be forgetting one or two. It was a great day on the trails with cooler temps, lower humidity (I was still soaked), strong breezes on the ridges, and relatively dry trails. We had a few passing showers and it wasn't till I had cleaned up and was sitting in my truck that it really dumped some rain.

Here's the list: Kevin and Don from the mainland, plus HURT runners, Cheryl, Rex, Gil, Steve, Birthday boy Paul, Ernest, Fish, Bozo, Richard, Bill, Mike, Harald, Dave, Steph, Joel,. Gordon, Jeff, and Maurice (sp?) plus myself. Thanks to Kat for providing some great aide at three different times and to everyone else who had brought water and other aide.

For many of us, this was a final big tune-up for the HURT 100 just 27 days away. The key thing between now and race day is to stay healthy. A couple of people I know were still feeling the aftermath of the marathon last week. As I was telling people yesterday, these long runs are really just opportunities to stress our immune systems, or our endocrine system to prepare it for the stress on race day. Of course some folks probably had some stress on other parts of their bodies after 50 miles as well. I know of at least two of us who woke up with big appetites and were off early to breakfast.

Stay healthy, keep fit, and focus on your goal. Race day will be here soon.

Aloha, Bob


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Golden Harper

I was there as well and would like to thank everyone, especially Steve and Gil for making it such a great day for me, especially the many times I got lost! I'm really glad I came out and did this and am looking forward to the race. Steve and Gil, feel free to contact me at offroad@runcorner.com .
P.S. I made it all the way from the nature center to paradise park without losing the hurt 100 course and without getting lost once! I also exceeded my goal and made that section in just under an hour and 10 minutes! Good luck and I'll see you on race day.

Don Moden

I would like to extend a special Thank You to all of the HURT runners that provided their knowledge, company, and support during the 15-hour training day. After a number of Longboard Lagers at Duke's I slept like a baby on my red-eye back to Arizona. See you all in January!


It was simply amazing out there...great weather,,,great trails,,,and great friends.
This is the toughest training day for many of us,,,and I saw nothing but smiling faces.
Thanks to all for making HURT such a special time and place.

now on to the race!!!

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