HURT 100 Photo's from Leon Draxler
Volcano marathon gpx file


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Judd Sloan

Hello Paul, I was looking for a friend by the name of Paul Sibley that I used to work with and ran across this site. Your story is incredibly inspirational, Thanks for sharing it with us.


Thanks for the comments, and now I need to learn how to swim again for another adventure:) And climb mountians... Aloha! Paul


Paul: this video was awesome. Way to keep faith in the dark times. Your family was a rock. Your courage challenges me.
HURT gang: I'll buy anyone a plate lunch who watches this without tearing up a little.

Ron Wilmoth

The photos are fantastic. They are very inspirational and brought back many memories. Thanks for sharing these great pictures.


Great job Paul, and thanks for sharing your story/photos. It was nice to run with you and your pacers for a little while coming out of Nuuanu on the last leg before the finish. Hope to see you next year!

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