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Pig Hunting in Makiki/Tantalus and Manoa

As we all know, there are lots of pigs out around the HURT course. We have also seen all the damage they cause. The State DLNR has authorized and opened the area to pig hunters for the next year. Hunting is scheduled to begin on February 4th.

Hunters will only be allowed to hunt Wednesdays and Sundays from dawn to dusk. Also planned, night hunts, every other month, by permit only. Click here for the full story.

Saturday Training: 2-3-07

Aloha Athletes,

Last week we had a good size group out for the start of Run to the Sun training. Unfortunately, with Cheryl sleeping in, we had to ad-lib a bit on the route out through Manoa Valley. Funny when you think about it, we are basically trail runners and know our way around the trails pretty good. Get us on the roads and we get lost. We did fine though and included showing visiting runner, Suzanne Weightman some of the sights along the route.

This week it is back for more of the same, Run to the Sun training: Manoa Valley and repeats up Tantalus and Concrete. Don't worry, we'll throw in some Ho'omaluhia to Pali Lookout runs for variety. Remember, it's all good training! P.S. I heard there might be rides back down this week.

Saturday Training 2-3-07  "Manoa/Tantalus Road"

Meeting time: 6:20 am

Starting time: 6:30 am

Meeting place: Makiki Heights Drive across from the water pumping station. This is in the neighborhood below the Hawaii Nature Center.

Training: a 10 mile Manoa road loop, followed by 2 (or more) trip up Tantalus Rd. to the top of Concrete Rd.  Return via road or trail.

Distance: approx. 19 miles

Duration: approx. 5-1/2 hours ave.

Bring: Water, snacks, electrolytes--whatever you might need.

Aloha, Bob

Volcano marathon gpx file

For anyone planning a recce of the Volcano marathon route, here is a way-point file showing the cross-country part of the route.

The most tricky bit is the turn off from the Kau Desert Trail onto the Mauna Iki trail, but there are a number of spots where it is easy to mistake natural features for cairns.

The file is in gpx format. You can import this into google-earth to view it. Google earth should also install an application "gpsbabel" that can convert this into many other formats for importing to your gps device. Let me ([email protected]) know if you have problems.


Via e-mail from Frank MacMillan

I'm back on the mainland but I wanted to point out to the blog that David Carlsson not only completed 100k at HURT but a week later placed 'first' in the Hilo to Volcano run in case you guys didn't know.  Great work for a guy who a month ago was just trying to get under 3 hours at Honolulu Marathon (and he did).  I'm pretty sure this is the same guy (last name misspelled in Big Dog's results) as I talked to him before the race and he is the only David in the finishers.  He was camping near Akaka Falls and said ran into the New Mexico HURT runners.

I was still sore and could barely stay ahead of the Cowman though it was nice to have a course with only a few banyan roots in the first ½ mile. 


Nuun Active Hydration

Matt Hart has arranged for HURT 100 racers to   purchase the Nuun Active Hydration products at a 50% off discount. This is really a generous offer. There was a sample in each of the racer bags too.

Matt Hart, who came in 2nd in the HURT 100km and is on Team   DART-nuun has arranged for all HURT 100 racers to purchase nuun active hydration   with a one-time trial discount of 50%. There was a sample in each of the racer   bags but with the offer you'll be able to really put nuun to the test.  

matt hart | nuun active   hydration

web address:  http://nuun.com/shop/
discount code:    07hurt100

Thanks Matt!

Saturday Training: 1-27-07

Aloha Athletes !

It's time to shift from the trails to the road and start training for the 2007 Halekakala Run to the Sun!

I suggest getting your application in now (Click here for the application) and start making your travel arrangements. If you feel that you won't be ready to do the race solo, a 3-person relay is a lot of fun, and if you need help putting a team together, please let us know and we'll try to help.

Saturday Training 1-27-07  "Manoa/Tantalus Road"

Meeting time: 6:20 am

Starting time: 6:30 am

Meeting place: Makiki Heights Drive across from the water pumping station. This is in the neighborhood below the Hawaii Nature Center.

Training: a 10 mile Manoa road loop, followed by 1 (or more) trip up Tantalus Rd. to the top of Concrete Rd.  Return via road or trail.

Distance: approx. 19 miles

Duration: approx. 4 hours

Aloha, Bob

Mahalo to our Volunteers!

Congratulations to all the 100M and 100K finishers at the HURT Trail 100 this past weekend.  You were all fantastic out there!

For any successful race, there are many behind-the-scene individuals who put great time and effort into making everything come together.

I would like to extend a heartfelt “Mahalo” to the following individuals and their -Aid Station crews:

Vernon Char, Carolyn Hayashi, and crew did another outstanding job at Paradise Park in Manoa.  Vernon has run this aid station for every HURT - his early morning pancakes are legendary!

John and PJ worked very, very hard at Nature Center to track runners and get them back out on the course, certainly no easy task.  Their traditional Kalua Pig sandwiches made great fuel for many entrants.

Don Fallis and volunteers marked the course before race day, then returned Monday to take everything down.  Don worked hard to keep the timing board updated.

Without Joel Jenkins and his Medical crew’s hard work, many runners would have called it a day and gone home to nurse their blisters and aches. Joel was literally everywhere!  His professionalism and attention to detail is second to none.

As for Mudd Butt’s Café in Nuuanu, I owe a deep debt to Patricia Carroll, who was my right hand.  Besides putting up with my planning for the entire year preceding HURT,  Trish packed all runner bags, helped at the pre-race check-in, and assembled the post-race lucky draw gifts. She then worked the aid station for +36 hours from the initial set-up.  Trish made sure runners got their drop bags and assisted with timing and tracking of runners.  I believe her when she said running the race is easier!


Mae Martinez and Vanessa Huff also worked the entire 36 hours – their organization and constant attention to detail amazed me! Mae also helped purchase much of the necessary supplies for our aid station.  At Mudd Butt’s Café, Mae kept the supplies organized and the food flowing in the food tent.  If you have every wondered where those lovely Hawaiian Print bags come from, Mae sews each one!


Vanessa kept up our timing sheet, updated the runner board, and worked with the Ham Radio operators for the entire race.  Her wonderful kids, Katie and Matthew, along with Bryson took injured runners back to NC and made our pizza run.  Vanessa also took care of her hubby, the “Huffer”, when he pulled in… again, no easy task!

Neil and Marian Yasuda not only worked in the morning, but they also paced local runners on loop #3.  The Yasudas then returned Sunday morning to help break everything down and transport gear back to the NC.

Fellow runner, Freddy Halmes was the maestro in our kitchen, keeping runners fed and hydrated. Freddy had so much fun he stayed through the evening until Sunday morning!

Good friend Christine Shiinoke flew in from San Francisco, just to work the aid station on Saturday.  She then geared up to pace Steph on loop #3.  What an animal!

My fellow worker Clinton Wong, dropped in early Saturday morning to help set up the lights and anything electrical – his expertise was most appreciated!

Toby Kravet, our esteemed bell ringer, did a wonderful job.  We certainly knew when runners were approaching the aid station!  Next time we will give him a kazoo to go along with the bell.

Peggy Regentine, Stote Farnham,  Jane Sarven, Heather McCafferty, Johnny Landeza, Les Omura, Jim Carr, and Naomi Sakai did a fantastic job keeping the liquids flowing and the runners going!  A very special thanks to Jane for filling up our water cans and returning later in the evening to work some more. Jonathan Miller came Sunday afternoon to help with breakdown and clean-up.

Almost all our workers are long-time road and or trail runners who graciously gave up their free time to help.  Thank you all so much for your time and assistance!


Still Lost: Post HURT 100

We're still missing an iPod Shuffle. Now that all of you have had time to get home and unpack all of your race bags, did anyone find an iPod Shuffle? We sure would like it back, no questions asked.

They are so small, it would be easy to miss. The last I saw it, I gave it to Barbi at the end of Loop 2/Start of Loop 3, at the Nature Center and she was putting it in a ziplock bag. She thought it ended up in my drop bag. Unfortunately it did not. I feel really bad since it was hers and I was borrowing it for the race.

So how are your legs? I got out and ran this morning. My legs are fine, I just found myself getting winded fast. I thought that was strange.

Aloha, Bob