Saturday Training: 2-3-07
Dangerous dog alert

Pig Hunting in Makiki/Tantalus and Manoa

As we all know, there are lots of pigs out around the HURT course. We have also seen all the damage they cause. The State DLNR has authorized and opened the area to pig hunters for the next year. Hunting is scheduled to begin on February 4th.

Hunters will only be allowed to hunt Wednesdays and Sundays from dawn to dusk. Also planned, night hunts, every other month, by permit only. Click here for the full story.


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The hunters don't know the difference between Saturday and Sunday.

I was out with my two dogs running the trail on Saturday, knowing that there could be hunting dogs on Sunday. We came upon one hunter with 7 dogs. I told him I thought they were suppose to be on Sunday. His reply was that they were out every day. He also said there was another hunter with dogs farther down the trail, but we didn't see them.

Makes you wonder if they read the signs . . .

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