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2007 Swamp Romp Photos

The 2007 Swamp Romp was held this morning on the Marine Base in Kaneohe. P2230071 There were supposedly over 250 teams of 6 entered into this years race. This is always a fun event to watch and from what participants tell me, it's a fun event to do as well. Teams come together from all kinds of backgrounds. There are serious military type, military wannabe type, actual runners (?) and people out just wanting to get dirty and have fun. There are mens, womens, coed, and this year, quite a few kids participating on teams.

We saw several friends from HURT events and Fleet Feet had three teams entered. For those who weren't at the event, I tried to get around as best I could to take pictures. It was tough as I was the only HURT photographer after Rex bailed on me, claiming he had work to do. I think either he was out surfing or Kat put her foot down and said he wasn't using her camera to take photos at the post race shower. I'll have to recruit some other photographers for next year.

Finally, the team from HURTP2230001_2 made up of Cheryl, PJ, Marian, Wendy, Kat, & Barbi made us all proud by finishing in second place, losing only to another group of women, led by Carol JaxonP2230002 (and trained by Ed Bugarin). Good job to bunch of women who know how to get dirty!

Click here to see all the photos!

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Congragulations to all the runners representing HURT well done.
I must so though that I was dissapointed after looking at the photo gallery.
What happened did the photograhper run out of film after the race?

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