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Badwater 135 Entrant: Don Fallis (Corrected)

It was announced today that Don Fallis has been accepted as a participant in the 2007 Badwater 135 Ultra Marathon. The event takes place during July and starts at Badwater (the lowest place in the U.S.-282 feet below sea level) and runs through Death Valley up to the Mt. Whitney Portals. The distance: 135 miles.

Congratulations Don! Good luck in your training. I've heard lots of people will be willing to help you with some very creative training methods.


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Bob Mc

Thanks Greg. I stand corrected and have changed the post to reflect this.

Greg Loomis

Having just been fortunate to travel to and a race the Dead Sea 1/2 marathon, I am now all educated on this cool place. Thus, I have to correct you. Badwater is the lowest place in the USA. The Dead sea, Israel at 1300ft!!!! below sea leavel is the lowest place on earth.

Greg who killed himself to run 1:28...ugh

Matt Stevens

Congrats da man!!!! I think you should kick off your training by doing Run to the Sun wearing 6 pairs of sweats, tops and bottoms! We'll all be there to mock you the whole way, but you know deep down its just because we are jealous of your upcoming adventure. We're proud of you!

Tyler Tajima

Hey Don,

Congrats on making it into Badwater. I went there last year with Luis Escobar and had one of my most memorable memories crewing/pacing. A tip i can give you is for the pre-race meeting. It is to bring a envelope with your name and race number on it, with one dollar enclosed. Its something that Chris has put into the race rule book to see who has not read it. He collects it and brings everyone who did not turn in an envelope to the stage to be humiliated. I know this will be a life changing experience for all who attend. Crewing is no easy task, your in the car with people who will be hot, tired,cranky, stink, and in some cases annoying for about 2 days. We had to many in our crew. We had Sunny Blende and Chris Mcdougal from runners world, as well as barefoot ted and 3 other very accomplished ultra runners. Other than the arguments we had in the car, it was a great experience. Good Luck and have fun!

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