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Run to the Sun Honolulu Advertiser Article

Michael Tsai of The Honolulu Advertiser has written a really nice piece in today's (3/30/07) paper about the Run to the Sun. Featured runners include Vi Jones, Wendy Minor, Cheryl Loomis, Paul Sibley and Don Fallis.

Race Directors, John Salmonson of H.U.R.T. and Bram and Joy DeHaan (of VIRR) also get mentioned.

Thanks Michael! We appreciate your support of ultra running in Hawaii.
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The Big Bad Beautiful Haleakala

So dude... This is like, not about any of those real fast runners who I only see glimpses of on their way back down the mountain in their cars--those late morningfinishing clowns with broad smiles on their faces and 'Good Job!' cheers who interupt my pain orgy by causing day dreams of dragging them out of their cars and working them over. No, sorry dude, this is about a few of the grunts that made the slow agonizing effort up mountain with goals of 8:00 or more in mind.. 

It was dark at the start, but the stars were out there hiding in a few clouds and the light glare of nighttime Kahalui. It was cool, but not chilly and it seemed a bit humid, but that may have been the sleepless night I'd had, or some other minor transgression I had allowed myself the night before. 

I couldn't see many people I knew and most of those were just the familiar backs of heads.  We'd all hung around the front of the running store before moving to the start and it was there that greetings had been exchanged and we'd laid down final insults and challenges.  Earnest Tay asked me if I'd brought the binocs he'd given me the night before.  'Just so you can see me way up high on the crater road'   'That's a good one Earnest,' I'd laughed  'Come on lets head to the Ale House, I'm buying you all you can drink!'  Earnest had to think about that one, but in the end he turned me down. 

I spent the night at the 'Banana Bungalow' in Wailuku.  It was Keg night there, and the beer flowed and the party was hot.  I was tempted to go catch the action but instead I lay there listening to some guy named Mikey drop pickup lines on the girls who walked by my window.  Seems Mikey was a not to successful street entrepreneur from a west coast big town with a very limited catalogue of lines.  It's debatable whether I got any real sleep but in a kind of vicarious way it was a busy social night. In the end I got up early, drank some cold coffee and headed to the start. 

When Big John said go, well I took about 10 steps and turned around to see who was behind me and even the spectators had moved away from the start line faster than I was managing.   I was alone on the street, and I looked up ahead and the crowd of race stragglers was moving quickly out of sight.  A new PR: to the back of the pack in less than a minute.

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Saturday Training 3/31/07: Reverse Trek Loop

Had enough road running with all of your Run to the Sun training? Ready to get back on the trails? OK, here's your chance.

Saturday Training 3/31/07 Reverse Trek Loop

Meeting time: 6:50 am

Starting time: 7:00 am

Meeting place: Hawaii Nature Center Lower Parking Lot

You can either park in this lower lot at the Nature Center or down on the road across from the pumping station. Just be ready to go and at the lower lot by 7:00 a.m.

Training: One reverse Trek Loop

Distance: 10 miles

Duration: Approximately 2 hours

Bring: Water---at least one bottle and snacks to get yourself through one loop.

2007 Run to the Sun/All About the People

Aloha !

At Run to the Sun, everyone has their own story and every story is different. In fact, our particular stories often differ drastically from year to year. The "people" stood out in my mind more this year than ever. It started with the race directors. Maybe I just knew more than ever before about the monumental amount of work that John, PJ and Bram put in to make this race happen. Maybe it also was because I never realized, until this year, that there are 137 (or so) volunteers, unselfishly giving their time and effort for all of us. These volunteers really help make the race FUN !

Like I said , everyone has their story, and if you like, you can hear mine. Mine is all about friends...the HURT family of friends...my buddies, and the comraderie we share, all the time...but especially at Run to the Sun. For example, Gordon Lau had stated emphatically, that he would not be returning to R2S this year. So, Ernest Tay and I made it our personal project to get Gordon to change his mind. I won't say that Gordon is hard-headed, but he's certainly not a push-over. Fortunately, Ernest was especially persistent. The thing that we had going for us was that Ernest and I REALLY wanted Gordon to go. We had been like a team last year and it wasn't going to be the same without him. Suffice it to say...Gordon gave in...and even admitted after the race, that he had a good time. Speaking of having a good time, I had the pleasure of running a while with Cat Moore, who's really a kick to be around, and I was extremely lucky to have newcomer Linda Takane with me, making the last few miles a real pleasure. It was reported that my good running buddy Cheryl Loomis was spotted dancing and doing hula. Cheryl always has a good time !

Heather and I were very lucky to get to sit on the airplane next to one of our heroes, Paul Sibley, both over and back. Paul, as most of you know, is a recent cancer surviver and ultra-athlete, competing in multiple sports. He is an inspiration to all of us who know him. Being able to hear his touching stories before and after the race was worth the trip by itself.

A race like this one is always about courage and mental toughness.Four examples that I witnessed first-hand were Ernest Tay, Judith Inazu, Wendy Minor and David Carlsson. I'm sure there are MANY others that deserve mention, (and I apologize) but personally seeing the courage these tough athletes showed, just to finish, really touched me.

It was a beautiful day to be spent on the mountain, surrounded by wonderful friends and new acquaintances. Aloha ! Don

Sweet Haleakala Summit

Wow - what a beautiful day to run up a mountain!  Last year all I got was a T-shirt from Cheryl and had to listen to Matt Stevens talking about the awesome event.  This year, I was back and enjoying everyone along the way.

The dark start, smell of manure along the early roads, dancing lights and reflective vests all around me and the thought that I only have 9,900 vertical feet to go made the race feel perfect.  The early morning rainbow, rolling clouds, headwinds, smell of car brakes and endless cyclists brought back memories from 2004.  Perfect conditions all around.

The race management did an incredible job, better than any other race that I've done (Ironmans, adventure races, ultras, them all).  The safety factor was wonderfully calming inside, the volunteers were to motivational and the massage therapist - DUDE!!

This race is one to savor, and a BIG MAHALO to early birds John and PJ (before start to after finish).  Amazing. - Paul

Haleakala Run to the Sun Report: Wendy Minor

Thirty-five years ago I made my first trip to the summit of Haleakala, by car, with my parents. It was a beautiful day, not a cloud in the sky. My Dad said "it is a great day to go to the crater". That became the family slogan whenever anybody in the family was on Maui and we could see the summit. Well, last Saturday was "a great day to go to the crater" and I had plenty of time to think about my late father and what he would think of my run to the sun...

After 25 Ironman finishes and 6 XTERRA age group world championships, I was truly humbled by the Run to the Sun.

I have the incredible Cheryl Loomis to thank for hauling me up to the top...Cheryl was skipping, and running, and dancing the hula at the aid stations ahead of me. It was all I could do to navigate a straight line as the altitude took its toll on me. At one of the last aid stations a great volunteer asked how I was doing. I said "this is hard". He said "You say it is hard; most people would say it is impossible". That gave me something to push me along. I tottered across the finish line and into the arms of a great bunch of HURT folks. You all are so supportive, and training with you has been terrific. The race was everything John said it would be, and I had to dig deep to pull it off, but it was worth every step of the way. And now that I've made it to the top of Haleakala, I hope I can be an official member of the HURT family, instead of the hanger-on, wannabe....Mahalo to all of you.

Saturday Training 3/24/07: Top of Tantalus Preview Run

Aloha Athletes,

This Saturday many of the usual HURT running group will be off to Maui to participate in the Run to the Sun. We wish all the runners good luck in this great event.

However for those of you who are interested in doing something here on Oahu, a small group will be gathering up at Puu Ualakaa Park. From here we will run the route of the first race in the HURT Trail Series, Top of Tantalus. So if you are interested in checking out this course and/or want to practice for the race, please join us.

Saturday Training 3-24-07  "Top of Tantalus"

Meeting time: 6:50 am

Starting time: 7:00 am

Meeting place: Puu Ualakaa Park

The road is closed on the short way to Puu Ualakaa Park. This is due to the mudslides during the heavy rains of 2006 and continuing road work.

Please go the other way (the long way) to get to the park.  It's 7.5 miles vs. 2.5 miles.  Turn at the pumping station and go left up and around Tantalus.

Training: One loop on the course

Distance: 7 +  miles

Duration: 1.5 - 2 hours

Bring: Water-at least one bottle and snacks to get yourself through one loop.


Don's Badwater Training is Heating Up...and I've Been Burned!

Imgp5288_6 This past Saturday, in a noble gesture to help get Don ready for Badwater, I awoke early and met the HURT crew out at Ho'omaluhia for some light training.  Little did I know that Don's Badwater quest has jacked up his aggression and intensity quite a bit, and that the smallest provocation can set him off like a powder keg.  Jogging down the road, I innocently enough inquired if he thought it wise for a runner of his "maturity" to be attempting this event.  Before I knew it, I was on the ground and bleeding!  Be forewarned. 

aloha, Matt

PS: The truth may be closer to the fact that I'm inwardly evnious of the great adventure he is on, and was subsequently distracted while stewing on this and tripped on my own poorly tied shoelace.  That's probably closer to the truth.  GO DON!! We're all behind this quest!


Saturday Training 3-17-07

Aloha Athletes !

In keeping with the plan, this Saturday being one week before Run to the Sun, we will be in full-taper-mode. It will be a rare opportunity to take it easy and enjoy the comraderie of our wonderful ultra-running friends. We plan to start a little later than normal, have a short, easy, relaxed workout and then meet to talk story on the grounds of beautiful Hoomaluhia Botanical Garden. A few of the regulars plan to bring a few mini-potluck dishes...nothing elaborate for all to enjoy, so don't feel obligated to bring anything. Just come and enjoy !

Saturday March 17, 2007 "The Garden"

Meeting time: 6:50 am

Starting time: 7:00 am

Meeting place: the entrance to Hoomaluhia Garden in Kaneohe

Training: One garden loop (or slightly more)

Distance: 5 miles (or slightly more)

Time: 1 hour (or slightly more)

Bring: normal stuff

Sorry I took so long getting this posted. Don

One Month Until the First Trail Series Race

Hey Runners,

The first trail series race is just one month away. Top of Tantalus, 7 mile run is on Saturday, April 14 at 7:00 a.m.

Please be sure to put this on your calendar. More details will be made available soon. Remember the trail series races are all low key fun events. There is no pre-race registration and the entry fee is just $10. Show up at least 30 minutes prior to the start of the race to sign-up.

2006 Top of Tantalus Results
2006 Top of Tantalus Photos