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Saturday Training: 4-21-07 Halawa Ridge to the Summit

HURT Night Loop

I am planning a night loop starting at NC on 4/20 (Fri) leaving around 5:30PM.  There are three of us now.  If you are interested, please reply so we can drop more water.  Planned loop time is 6 hours rain or more rain!  We are taking out a HURT newbie for his first loop (and at night)!!

Paul Sibley


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Paul Sibley

We have a nice group tonight. Two well stashed aid stops are available, and we can only hope for more rain. It looks to pretty; there's still some time.

We are meeting near the pumping station, and will plan a 6-hour loop +/-. I'll carry my phone for anyone that needs a pizza. My cell is 808-497-3911.


first I run Halawa,,,then go find Don......and you want me to run all nite before that.....

hummmmmmm,,,I really don't want to hurt you time...
have fun, hope you chase pigs all nite.

Larry Inouye

No way Cheryl! You gotta come out! Bring your friends. It will be a blast! I will have a Cliff bar with your name on it. Okay, okay, I will have TWO cliff bars (chocolate brownies, no less). That should put you right for the 50 miler with Don. (And, you and I know that you can do both of these runs back to back!!)


sounds like 'boys nite out' to me!

Rob Lahoe

Count me in. That'll be three newbies altogether (my first night run). The timing might be tight since I'm coming from Schofield barracks at 4:30. I hope I don't slow everyone down too much...

Larry Inouye

Hey Bob,
I forgot about the "bacon" on the hoof. Maybe I'll stay in the middle; that way they will see Paul first. By the time they react, they will see Dr. Bill or the other newbie. Even I should be out of their line of fire by then. And, if Gordon shows up like he's planning, we will have fresh meat for breakfast! Ha Ha!

Paul Sibley

Two Newbies! I'm hoping for lots of rain and pigs!! - Paul

Greg Layton

How about a "real" newbie on the trail? I would love the chance to see the entire loop and attempt to keep up.

Bob Mc

Hey Larry, You notice he didn't commit to breakfast. (?)
There is usually plenty of bacon out on the trails and this being Hawaii, there is usually plenty of chickens around for the eggs!

Paul Sibley

I'm hoping that we can enjoy some nice rain, wind and mud - just to keep the mind happy. Ah, gotta love running at night!

Larry Inouye

Must be some other newbie that Cheryl is referring to! I'm just hoping to 1) keep upright most of the time; 2) not get lost; and 3) hoping Paul will make me a big breakfast when its over!


Hey Paul....
we know that 'newbie'.....he's gonna run you guys into the ground!!

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