Saturday Training: 4-21-07 Halawa Ridge to the Summit
Weekend Summary

HURT Night Loop A Success

With a beautiful night, a group a 6 brave souls ventured out to run a night HURT loop. Of the 6, there were 3 newbies and 3 experienced guides. Bill, Mike and myself were the ones that knew the trail, so off we went with our faithful newbies in tow. Rob, Greg and Larry were eager to see the course - too bad it was night.

Once the group found Pauoa Flats, they realized Kansas was gone and the HURT was on. We were almost at Paradise Park for refueling thanks to a good stash by Bill, when out of nowhere this crazy runner appeared. Gordon looked hungry and we stepped aside to let him pass. Now we were 7.

After Paradise, we pushed up the 14 switchbacks on our way to Nuuanu. Bill and I pulled up the rear catching Greg. I pushed ahead meeting up with a powerful Rob and Mike enjoying the night air. But where was Larry and Gordon? I had to find out. So I pushed the heart rate up, and ran down into Nuuanu where I found these crazed runners enjoying a stroll in the woods.

We stopped at the Sibley Cafe for some snacks, and waited for the gang to reunite. Gordon said something about running on Saturday morning and left us. Mike and Rob thought they could catch Gordon and headed back. Bill and Larry wanted some of the racing action and took off leaving Greg and myself to survive in jungle.

Luckily, I knew a shortcut and we made it back to the car shortly after the gang did. Now there are 3 less Newbies! Thanks for the great stash and excellent team work in leading the clients back to their cars. I'll divide the guide payment to Mike and Bill later.


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You guys ran for 6 hours!??


You guys ran for 6 hours!??

Paul Sibley

Yes, there was a Starbucks aid station at the Sibley Cafe. Good points to remember for all: carry good lighting, take electrolytes, carry a cell phone, drink often and always run with a partner (esp. at night). We used them all and had a great time! Look for another night run soon. Cheers -Paul

Greg Layton

The night run was a great experience and a real "eye opener" to just how much HURT the trail can inflict. Thanks to everyone for the experience, and thanks to Paul specifically for the much needed advice and assistance getting back. I look forward to more (& hopefully less painful) night excursions with the group in the future.

Larry Inouye

This was a lot of fun. Many, many thanks to Paul, Dr. Bill, Mike and Gordon (I kept having the feeling that Gordon was COMING and sure enough, there he was!) for guiding us through. Your collective advice and trail wisdom were also very much appreciated. Paul and Dr. Bill thank you very much for the great stashes! (I never had Starbucks coffee on the trail before - I must say it was quite an uplifting experience!) We need to do this again.

Rob Lahoe

I have to thank everyone for the great run last night. We had great weather (although it didn't rain at 11PM as predicted), great pit stops, and I had a great motivator ahead of me when the going got rough (thanks Mike!).

I'm sure one of these days I'll be able to see some of the trail we ran! I can't remember the time exactly, but I think it was 5h53m when Mike and I came out onto the road. What a great night with some amazing views!

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