Saturday and Sunday Training: May 18 & 19
Saturday Training: 5/26/07 40 Miles of Fun

Mahalo Maunawili

There was quite a crowd gathered at the Pali Lookout early this morning for the run to Waimanalo (and back for some) on the Maunawili trail. We probably had 12 to 15 runners, a good mix of veteran and newer trail runners. Cheryl kept everyone reigned in early on until the stairs just about the hairpin turn. At that point, the rabbits took off while some of us choose to go at a more relaxed pace.

It was very evident that Aaron and/or his crew from Na Ala Hele have been out on the trails. At least that is who I am giving credit to. There were downed trees that had been down for years, cleared--gone, chain-sawed out. They also cleared some of the more recent trees too. Thanks guys!

I sometimes refer to obstacles such as trees on the trail as speed bumps. Well, based on what I saw today, all the speed bumps have been removed.

Don't forget, you can go train on Sunday up at Peacock too!


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It was a fantastic weekend of training!!
Thanks to all the newbies for joining us on Sat.
A couple of them even showed up at Peacock on Sunday.
That's what it's all about!!!

And congrat's to Paul Sibley who had a PR at the triathlon on Sunday.

 Larry Inouye

Bob, you and Cheryl forgot to turn on the wind machine! But it was a great hot and humid training day! Cheryl, thanks for stashing water, chips and gatorade!

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