Mango Madness -Hurt Trail Series Run- June 9th
Photos and Results from 2006 Mango Madness Race

Saturday Training, 6/2/07: Mango Madness Preview Run

Aloha Athletes,

Since next Saturday (June 9th) is the Mango Madness, what better route to run this week than a preview of the course. Co-Race Director Mike Muench did such a fine job describing the trails in his post announcing the race, a preview run is hardly needed. However, I know some of you will want to see just how easy a route this is. Essentially it's as described, half the race is uphill and the second half is downhill.

Saturday Training: Mango Madness Preview Run

Meeting time: 6:20 am

Starting time: 6:30 am

Meeting place: By the water pumping station, corner of Makiki Heights Drive and Makiki Street

Training: One (or two for Larry) trips around the Mango Madness course

Distance: Approximately 10 miles per loop

Time: 2 - 3 hours, one-way and 4.5 - 6 hours round trip

What to bring: Water, gels, electrolytes, what ever you might need.

Aloha, Bob




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Hi Mac - I like your site. I'm a runner and I post some articles about running and mindgames as I run and some other stuff that you might find interesting at my site. Take a look. I'm Oahu based also. I found you on Ok - good luck, aloha...

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