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June 24, 2007


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David Carlsson

Way to go Steve and Cheryl!!! You are making HURT and Hawaii look good. We are all proud of you and your accomplishments. You've trained long and hard for this one and deserve some time off (though I know you're probably not going to take it.) And Huffer - sometimes it's just not the right day to go out for a really long run - but you're a really cool guy anyway. See you on the trails.

Paul Sibley

Great results! I heard a rumor that Steve was talking with Jeff when a wild boar appeared. Jeff started running back to Squaw Valley and saw Cheryl coming at him. He then ran with Cheryl until she found him going too slow, and tripped him where he promptly forgot his name. When Jeff came too, all he could remember was a lady with bright shorts and a man with a long pony tail. The WS staff quickly gave him aid seeing as he was not in good sorts.

Hmmm, just a rumor but watch out for Cheryl out there (and those pigs!).

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