Night and Day; A Hurt Loop into Maunawili o/b
Saturday Training: 7-21-07 Triple Trek Loops

Ultrarunners Summit Mt. Rainier

Larry Inouye and myself, Paul Sibley, made it to and most importantly back from the summit of Mt. Rainier (14,410 feet) along with our climbing partner Carl Overaa!  This was an amazing endurance effort that saw us push up and back with over 20 hours of climbing in less than 48 total hours carrying packs upwards of 50% of our body weight and of course on the glacier.  We chose the Emmons route and had very nice weather.  Aside from Larry wanting to look into a crevasse feet first, we had no dangers.  Long distance running prepared us for the mental challenge of not always feeling great and holding on for a energy recovery, knowing how to plan your nutrition ahead and suffering.  And yes, it was so much fun!

This was Carl's fourth attempt, my third and Larry's first.  Pictures to come later.


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Nice! Very hard work, but agreed lots o' fun!


Great job! That's quite an acomplishment. See you in the mountain.

Bob Mc

Way Cool! Great job guys. I look forward to hearing more about it.


Congratulations to you all on a High and farout venture. Look forward to the pictures!


You guys Rock!
Great Job, and Great HURT Training!!

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