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Shock and Awe

I was listening to NPR yesterday and they were talking about this 8 year old girl who ran 2,212 miles in 55 days (about 40 miles a day).  You can read (or listen) to the story here.  I thought a lot of people here might find the story interesting, but I hope it doesn't upset anyone too much.


Final Triple Trek Notes and Information from the Race Directors

This year we were granted the privilege of having the Permit process waived. (VERY IMPORTANT) This was based on our smaller numbers (we eliminated the 10 mile race from this event) and our promise that we would get everyone parked outside of the Nature Center (on Makiki Heights Street, including down by the Board of Water Supply building). This will leave room in the lower parking lot for other users while we take over the trails.

Please observe the “quiet zone” between the first gate, and the Nature Center building- we don’t want to be waking up the neighbors at 4:30- 5:30 in the morning.

Our start will be at the new bathroom by the bridge. We will start at 5:30, so allow enough time to park, schlep your stuff to the Start line, and get registered.

It will be dark on the trail for the first ½ hour- all you probably need is a little mini mag light. You can give it to the aid station volunteer and collect it at the end of the race.

Aid Stations will be at about 3 miles and 7 miles, with water and Gatorade, and a few salty/sweet snacks. It is advisable for you to bring your own food/drink supplements, and electrolytes if you use them. Carry at least ONE BOTTLE! The first aid station at Moleka Trail/Roundtop Drive will stay open until 12:30. The second aid station at Kalawahine/Concrete Road/Tantalus Drive will be open until 1:30.

Runners MUST check in with John at the Start-Finish line after each loop, in order to be credited with the loop. Dropouts need to be reported to John or PJ as soon as possible, so we aren’t out there looking for you after dark.

Cut off time for the race is 11:30 after the second loop.

Follow pink ribbons to the top of Tantalus, and green ribbons back to the bottom. On this figure eight course, the ribbons will occasionally overlap. Blue (means “BAD”) ribbons will mark the trails you are to avoid. Simply, if you get to an intersection, look in all directions to verify your course direction as marked by the pink and green ribbons.

Join me and the trail markers at 2:30 pm 8/31, to see the course if you wish.

Mahalo Birthday Post

My original plan for this past Sat., was to run my Triple Trek loops, (since I do an aid station for the race),  and be happy to get it done.

While chatting with Don,,,I asked him if he wanted to do a couple loops with me if I kept going,,,and to see if anyone wanted to run with me at nite, and we'd make it a birthday run.

Well,,,Don ran with the idea,,,and turned it into one of my best birthdays!

I had folks out there with me all day, and as the day went on the more runners showed up. There were highs and lows,,,it was hot and humid,,,and then the cooling rain,,,and then the fun mud!! We even had the Dewald boys out there and Mauricio's daughter,,(on his back).

Old friends and new,,,,sharing the day with me. And to top it off, a midnight birthday party at the finish!
Please know in my heart, this was a really special day for me,,,,,,,you all are my family, not just friends.
I can't thank you enough for sharing this with me....

This was an eventful weekend for HURT, so many of our runners and friends had great races on the mainland.
It's going to be a great HURT season.


A Hard Lean Horse

It beat us up bad, no opinions to the contrary.  Everyone has blisters and muscle problems and we are all hobbling around and making those long groaning sounds when we stand up or sit down.  Mean and brutal are the common assessments of the Lean Horse experience for the HURT team members. 

Unpaved road, should read concrete like infinitely hilly and windy nightmare on the out and even more so on the back, where the elevation cross section must be from last year as the reality just didn’t fit with the web site.  And ‘trail’ should read ‘Very hard packed gravel and substrate railroad right of way.   Maximum 4 percent grade, slow turns, and hard—did I mention how hard the surface was.  Well let me tell you, if it were any harder they would be mining the damn thing for diamonds.   Hard has some deeper meaning up here in the Black Hills

The Black Hills is another story.  Beautiful is the word on one everyone’s lips.  The Native Americans, the Lakota, who lived here, thought of it as a spiritual retreat, a rest area, a heaven for the living.  It is special.  It is enchanting, and soothing, and endlessly interesting.  Great gray and black rocks jut out of the ground, sprinkled with pines and poplar-- Rocks that rise hundreds of feet into the air with spires and dykes, and towers and buttresses, all filled with sparkly minerals, and a life of their own.   The Michelson Trail, i.e. the rock hard old railroad right of way, winds through this enchanted land.  And if we were not all hurting so bad as we pushed down the trail, we would likely have enjoyed it even more.

The highlights,   Steff and Cat More were heroines.  Truly fantastic first time 100’s.  I ran with both.  Cat and I spent hours together as my IT band turned into twisted steel, and she battled the first timer’s nightmares.  She never gave up.  Often pulled me along, and always seemed to just be ready to go on and on.   Just amazing.   Steff was bothered by a right ankle problem that turned ugly.  Joel had it wrapped when I saw it, but it was a massive red bruise around her entire ankle and a testament to her will to finish.  Again such courage is hard to find, even in our group of achievers. 

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Gifford Wins Cascade Crest Classic


Just a quick shout out that Jaime Gifford has won this year's CCC 100 in a time of 20:54. Darcy Africa was the second place finisher in a time of 21 hours and change. Great job Jaime, we look forward to seeing you out here at H.U.R.T. where we are expecting another 20:54 out of you!


It's Friday! What are we doing on Saturday?

I apologize. If you are not sure what we are doing for training on Saturday, please see the posts related to Cheryl's Birthday run. Click here or scroll down below this post. Essentially we are running 10 mile loops on the Triple Trek route. Come out and join Cheryl for 10 or more miles! It will be fun! (For us!)

I think Cheryl has arranged to park her car up by the bathrooms so if you get there and don't see her car, that's why.

A lot of things going on. Several Hawaii runners are off to the Lean Horse 100 this weekend in South Dakota. Mike Muench and I've think, Mike and Patricia, plus Joel and Steph are all going. Bob Murphy is supposed to be there too. Good Luck Runners!!

On a more global scale is the Mont Blanc Ultra race in Europe where Scott Jurek and Karl Metzler are both competing. Check it out this weekend if you have some time. They are supposed to have a good web-cast.

Cheryl also wanted me let people know she has Clip and Succeed electrolytes if you need any. Contact her for pricing info.

Finally, I came across this quote--I love it:

"The woods are lovely dark and deep, but I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep, and miles to go before I sleep." - Robert Frost
From a poem: Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening

Get out there and Run!
Aloha, Bob

Triple Trek will be here Soon!

The Tantalus Triple Trek is September 1. This race is part of the H.U.R.T. Trail Series and is one of the best runs in the series. It's three loops and as I like to describe it, 5 miles up and 5 miles down. It's the only race I know of that you get to run down Hogsback!!

There will be at least one aide station set up and possibly two. These are usually set up at the two road crossings. However, it is suggested that you carry at least one bottle of water per loop. Try to remember that dehydration has a cumulative effect and though you might get away running one loop a bit dehydrated, by loops two and three you will really be paying for it. Ask some of the finishers at the recent Maunawili Out & Back.

Remember this race starts early--5:30 a.m. Parking is limited so plan accordingly. One option is to park down in the neighborhood by the water pumping station and walk up.

You might want a small flashlight for the first 20 minutes or so.

The Start/Finish is at the Hawaii Nature Center.

This race has no pre-registration, so plan on showing up at least by 5:00 a.m. to register and pay the $10 entrants fee. There will be some snacks and aid at the Start/Finish, however if you have special things you like, plan on bringing your own.

Click here to see last year's results. The trend this year is race times are getting faster! Use these just as a guide. You can see photos from 2006 here.

If you have any questions, contact either John or PJ via e-mail.

Cheryl's splits for 60 mile b-day run

Aloha Athletes !

Following are "guesstimated" splits for Cheryl's 60 mile birthday run on Saturday August 25 on the Trek course: Hope you can all join our girl, Cheryl for "any" part of this cool birthday run ! Just come when you can...Cheryl will be there.

Loop 1: Start: 5:30 am/Finish 7:50am

Loop 2: Start 7:55 am/Finish 10:20am

Loop 3: Start 10:25 am/Finish 12:50pm

Loop 4: Start 12:55pm/Finish 3:25pm

Loop 5: Start 3:30pm/Finish 6:15pm

Loop 6: Start 6:20pm/Finish 9:20pm

Please remember that these times are guesstimates. The easiest way to insure that you hook-up with Cheryl (other than to wait on her at the Nature Center) will be to "back-track", by doing the Trek course in the "reverse" direction: ie: up Hogsback, crossover, up Mango (Nahuina), Kalawahine to the Cliff Trail, Cliff Trail around clock-wise to Moleka, crossover and down Center Trail. Since I will be gone to the Mainland all next week, if you have questions, please contact Bob McAllaster 225-2864 or e-mail him at: [email protected] . (Thanks Bob !) See you guys on the 25th !  Don

super bright Headlamp

Costco Honolulu (Headlamp)

Costco Honolulu has a Raovac headlamp available K2 LED.  Three double AA batteries in rear module. Well built, 85 lumens creates a knock down bright spot.  I lit up my large yard like it was a night game at Dodger stadium.   Price was around 25 bucks.  If you are looking for a new headlamp you might give this one a try. I would rate it very cost effective.  Time will tell on its durability.




Mad Mike's Masochistic Medley

Next week Monday, Mike Muench will be leaving for the mainland and Canada for an ambitious series of ultramarathons over the next several weeks. In the mix are four 100 milers, starting with Lean Horse next weekend, and finishing with the Bear, with  only one or two weeks between each of the four. Mike's last event will be a 50 miler, I suppose as a relaxing recovery run, or something like that. At 57, Mike has recently blossomed into a true trail runner, with PR's on every ultramarathon of late, including a first-time finish in January at the HURT 100. I can still remember a time when I could beat the guy. Oh well.

Mike should be out on the Trek course at some point in time on Saturday, so when streaks by you, give him your aloha. Aloha Mike !  Don

Saturday Training, 8-18-07, Trek Loops

With the next race in the H.U.R.T. Trail Series being the Triple Trek (on September 1), we thought we had better spend some time out on the course. This is a good time to learn the course especially since last year, some people, some how got lost. (???) So...

Trek Loops

Meeting time: 5:50 am

Starting time: 6:00 am

Meeting place: Hawaii Nature Center, lower parking lot.

Training: Repeats on the Triple Trek course (At least two)

Distance: About 10 miles per loop

Duration: 1.5 to 2.5 hrs per loop.

Bring: Water & other nutritional aid for your own use at the start/finish. Be prepared with electrolytes as it will probably be hot and humid.

Good training!

Cheryl's 60th Birthday Fun Run

Aloha Athletes !

We all owe Cheryl so much for what she does for us all the time, and now we have a chance to pay her back...and guys 'n gals, can we ever pay her back...heh, heh ! On Saturday August 25, she will be doing her 60 mile "birthday run" on the Triple Trek course, starting at the Nature Center at 5:30 am. The first 3 Trek loops will be her official "Triple Trek", and the remaining 3 loops will combine to make-up her 60 miles. It would be great if we could have at least one runner with her for the entire way (but, especially after dark). I plan to run with her for two loops, later in the day, since she leaves me behind after dark. For you HURT 100 participants, this will provide some great training, especially at dusk and early evening.

This is a very special occasion, so please plan to do your part. If you have any questions, or would like to coordinate a time to join our favorite gal, please e-mail me at [email protected] or call me at 247-4144. I'll be on the mainland on business all next week but will get back to you. I hope to hear from ALL of you ! This will be a very fun event !!  As PJ would say..."be there or be square !"  Aloha !  Don