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Vicki Anderson

Hey Mike--Met you at Leland's trout farm before the Bear. You were helping us load gear for the Bloomington stop. Sorry I missed seeing you there. Hope you enjoyed the journey in Utah. Congratulations!

Vicki Anderson


Much Thanks!

David I grabbed one of the rocks from the Crack at Halape when we were there swimming with the Mermaids. Couldn't get more luckey than that. No sense in writing about that one, who the hell would believe it. ehhhh???

Aloha, Mike

Larry Inouye

Hey Mike,
Have a great adventure. I noticed that you have been running really strong over the last few months so this should be a piece of cake for you! I hope you will be posting very graphic blogs for all of us to "feel" what you will experience. Good luck and see you when you get back. Aloha, Lar

David Carlsson

Best of luck to you Mike, you madman, on your upcoming undertakings. Keep an eye out for any landlocked mermaids, or low flying, flying saucers. Don't forget to take a lucky lava rock with you!

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