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August 27, 2007


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Cheryl- I was delighted to realize that you had more than a couple of friends- friends good enough to show up and join your BD run in the middle of the night.Good thing you did it at 60, for it could quite possibly be your last, you old bag lady.

Don Fallis

The HURT family always amazes me. No matter whether it's just before daylight or just after midnight the HURT family is always there for one of it's own. Mahalo to all the wonderful people who came out to make Cheryl's 60th birthday run and surprise birthday party a smashing success. You guys are awesome !


happy belated birthday cheryl!

Paul Sibley

This was truly memorable for everyone. I heard of people spending their entire day doing things, then showing up to spend a few more hours on the trails. So cool to see the child-like spirit in everyone. Thanks for sharing your muddy birthday with me, and dude - you rock! 60 miler off a whem...cool.

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