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August 07, 2007


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I just wanted to thank everyone for their words of encouragement as I approached the turn around. This was my first race and it was a great experience. I am very proud to have finished although I was a bit slower than I had hoped. I am looking forward to training on the weekends with everyone.


Hello HURT,

I wanted to thank Neal and Rex at the turnaround point for their great support. I hope I remembered their names correctly; I was under the weather when my wife picked me up after the race. I bit off a bit more than I could chew on Saturday after having only been on the island about ten days and abandoned at the halfway point. I'm pretty sure dehydration is what got me. The trail was very humbling for me and the first time I ever DNF'd a race (I've never run anything longer than a marathon). It was only my second trail race and a real learning experience, that's for sure. Mike's description of the "up" is everything I imagined it would be on the way down and I am looking forward to the race next year and ending up on the list of finishers, regardless of my position. I would be very proud of that accomplishment. Back to your great support crew - Neal and Rex gave me great words of encouragement and actually got me back on the trail twice before I finally came back and called it a day - Rex was foolish enough to let me into his car after I got sick and gave me a ride back to Pali, pulling over just in time on the way to let me get rid of what little was left in my stomach outside of his car. I also want to say that I really appreciated the no-hassle sign-up, the least expensive race I have entered in years, the excellent little plastic pig (it made it to the halfway point with me and now sits on my fridge to mock me for not finishing), and the awesome HURT socks. Everyone was friendly and I really admire all of you that finished and especially the one guy (with moleskin or something over one eye) that I heard was using the race as part of a much longer training run. Thanks again Neal and Rex!

Cheers, Dan


I got you, bruddah. I'll have to use that one on my wife. "Honestly babe, I was just admiring their muscled strides!" Can't wait to get back to HI and the trails, although the muscled strides are pretty admirable here, too.


especially the one in the leopard shorts..


The women dude, the women!


"I pushed harder as they passed keeping them in sight a bit longer, enjoying the beauty of their muscled strides around one or two extra turns."

The beauty of their "muscled strides", huh? Ok Mike, I'll take your word for it ;) Good race!

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