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HURT Night Loop(s) updated

Well, I guess I missed (and upset) a couple of people by not putting enough info out last Friday for my night loops.  I'm thinking about doing it again tonight, but don't like being the only one on the trails--so if your interested please give me a call at 392-4815.  If I can get others out there I'd like to start at Paradise about 8PM.  I think we've got somewhere around 14 more Friday's to go until it's time to start tapering--don't let it sneak up on you!

UPDATE:  No one has called to start at 8, but I do have a taker for 9PM.  Devin and I will be starting at the nature center (water tower) at that time.

Aloha, Rob Lahoe


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ed radetich

cannot make it all the way out to dillingham this weekend (9/22) can run a night loop or loops on friday after 3pm if anyone is interested feel free to email or call 609 707 6455 thanks

mike m


Jack-ass/Pair-o-Dice loops are better if you are going out alone. Not only is it name appropriate, but they will have a lot less trail to cover if they have to look for the body. And you will never be 'alone' out there as both sections have their resident hauntings.

Anyway nothing like multiple ups and down Ahuilama at night to cure you of any desire to visit the night trails on a regular basis.

aloha, mike

Bob McAllaster

Rob, First, you're not the only one out on the trails. Are you not counting the pigs? I might be interesting in joining you some Friday, but just saw this at 5:15 p.m. so not enough notice for me.
Aloha, Bob

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