H.U.R.T. Entrant List Updated (9/20/07)
Congratulations to Matt & Lesley

Saturday Training 9-29-07

Aloha Athletes !

It's back to normal HURT 100 training this Saturday with a HURT loop, starting at Manoa at 6:00 am. In case you haven't done this routine, just drive mauka on Manoa Rd. to where the road narrows, just before Paradise Park, and park. Please try to be there by 5:50 am and be quiet as the neighborhood is sleeping. Although there are no guarantees, a stash of water should be available at both aid station locations along the 20 mile route. Be there or be undertrained !


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it was a great HURT weekend!


I should also mention that I heard Flash Gordan, and the Mad Dasher Mauricio were also out early for the mud party, and finished up in 5 + change. I think they wanted to finish up before the Pahoa Flats, turned into the Pahoa Pools.

David Carlsson

Was able to get in a loop starting at noon with the Mother Hen herself - Felicia, and a newbie, Andrea Hess, who flew directly in from the Big Island. It was nice getting to spend a little extra time in on the trail in our extended version of the run. Hey, it was a couple more hours of fun. Saw Ernest on the way out, Cheryl on the way in. Dr. Bill, and Carl from Maui (over for a convention)out on the loop. Also, got to see the Big Boys come out to play at night. Paul starting at NC, and Harald, starting in the pouring rain,at PP. Those boys are crazy. I guess I'll have to go out and train again tommorrow, just so that I can try and keep up with them at the 12 Hour.

Dan Eldredge

Hello HURT,

I intend on running a HURT loop on Sunday starting from the Nature Center at 6:30 am. My wife, Ginette, will join me for the first segment so we will leave a car with stash at Paradise. I am looking to do about a 6 hour loop. See you at the Nature Center at 0630 if you want to join us. We'll have plenty of extra water and snacks at Paradise. If you need to get in touch with me, my cell number is (360) 620-2217.

Cheers, Dan


Too early to run thst far.
Too late at nite to run that far.
don't want to ru that far.
want to run Sunday Peacock 20+
let me know,

Paul Sibley

The stash at JG was low then I saw Fish and gang coming along last Friday night, hehe. I'll try to stop there tonight and check it out. I'm running tonight. -Paul


hey guys....
Rob, if we don't do Peacock on the 6th,,I'll be happy to do 12 hr. with you.
(well, maybe not happy)
Paul,,,how much stash is left at Jackass??

Rob Lahoe

Just in case anyone is wondering--I will not be doing a night loop this Friday night. I'm going to Japan on the 7th so I won't be here for the hogsback 12 hour. This weekend will be my taper because I'm going to be doing the 12 hour next weekend (1 week early). I'm hoping to talk Cheryl into doing the run with me since she also will not be here for the official race.

Paul Sibley

If you can't make the morning HURT loop, I can't either. I am running a HURT loop Sat. night starting at 8pm leaving from the NC. If you are interested, call me at 497-3911. - Paul

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