Yet another night run
H.U.R.T. Entrant List Updated (9/20/07)

Sibley Night Loop 9/21

Alright, we have a few options with Rob and myself.  I'm leaving earlier than Mr. Rob, around 5:00pm and will pace the loop at 4:30 - 4:45 hours.  Departing from NC with no stash planned, although I may stash some at JG if I can manage with my son in tow tonight. 

Splits for planning:

  • NC - PP: 1:30 or 6:30pm
  • PP - JG: 1:15 or 7:45pm
  • JG - NC: 1:45 or 9:30pm

If interested, my number is 497-3911 or meet at the big tree near the pumping station at 4:45pm for a walk up to NC.  Cheers - Paul



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Paul Sibley

There are a few of us confirmed starting at 5pm and some at 8pm. There should be plenty of people running tonight in the rain so it's a good time to run with a new buddy.


Hey Paul....
There should be plenty of water/gatorade/chips and even cookies at the Jackass stash.

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