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October 16, 2007


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Bob McAllaster

Who needs to run anymore? Heck, I get almost as much fun out of reading Mike's stories versus actually being out there on the trails. Plus, it's a whole lot less painful. I think Mike must occupy his mind concocting these stories while he runs. When does the movie version come out?

 The hogs what?

Mr mike , firstly ,thanks for sharing your wonderful story and also for not using the brute force option.The explanation i have for my hurried state was the fact that whenever i crossed trail with harald we growled at each other ,arms raised . Which incidently is a scientific proven fact at the institute of astronomy that -after being growled upon by swamp like trail creatures humans ascend hills at a higher velocity .That and the fact that David Carlson was on my heels all day and refused to stop!good job ,david . Well congratulations to everyone out there many words of encouragement, and smiling faces :) .Great organisation again by John and P.j who did a lot more than twelve hours. Lots of inspiration provided by Don with his amazing Badwater effort. And your herculean journey!! -not only four century runs but thirty miles up and around the old hogs back! outstanding performance.We were all lucky you were under the weather HAPPY TRAILS and...alohas paul H...


Wow! Wonderfully Written.
Ernest may have beaten Conan but in Ernest's Mind, Conan is the True Champ!

I salute your Conquest, Mighty Warrior!!!

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