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mike M


I would imagine I will be doing 3.5 to 4 hours repeats. I'm figuring. 1.5 to the Bench, 1 down and up, 1 back and down. That's 3.5, plus the stops makes it close to 4 on each turn.

That's my estimate of pace. I start slow, and don't get too much slower so i will likely average 3.5 to 4 for the six out and backs. (Its 5.35 miles out) so to keep the distance questions out of it we will just do six. --The last one for good measure.

David C.

Sick, is not nearly a strong enough word. More like, clinically insane. Mikey, do you have an estimated timetable, for those of us who might like to join you in the madness, in some of your later repeats?


you're a sick man Mikey,,,but who wouldn't want to join the Great Conan on his birthday run....
.....and I thought I was nuts!...

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