A Perfect 12 Hours……of Misery
Special Upcoming Training

Saturday Training 10-20-07

Aloha Athletes !

This Saturday we will begin ramping up for the HURT 100. Mike Muench has already posted the sobering message "100 Days to 100 Miles" which will soon be 90...then 80...then 70...so set your alarm on Friday night and then meet Cheryl and the gang at the end of Manoa Rd. in time for a 6:00 am start. The route will go from Paradise Park to Jackass and over to the Nature Center, where a 10 mile reverse Trek loop will be inserted, before returning to the cars. A nice 30 miles, total. Please remember to bring plenty of fluids and trail snacks. Happy trails, Don


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Don Fallis

While we are on the subject of "stash", please remember that the stash is provided strictly by individuals (no $$$ comes from the trail fairy)so since Cheryl generally handles buying the stash AND hiding it the afternoon before, the least we can do is to give her a few bucks from time to time to offset her out-of-pocket costs. In fact, I'd best give her some $$$ this Saturday and practice what I preach. Sorry Cheryl, I've been forgetting. Don


got some feedback from someone out on a HURT training run last weekend that there was a lot of left over junk/stash left at Paradise. Very visable,,and looking like our stuff.
This runner cleaned it all out and hauled it out of there, but PLEASE, make sure you take your trash/stash home with you when you leave after training.
Makes it better for all....

Many Thanks,

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