Celebrating the 'Worst of HURT'

Saturday Training 10-27-07 "Peacock Preview"

Aloha Athletes !

It's always a special occasion when we make it out to Peacock Flats. All the grumbling and whining about the long drive (which is never as long as we thought)seems to disappear after we've made that first big climb up Kalia or certainly by the time we've looked out over the beautiful vistas. But since this is serious training time, you'll need to keep focused on the task at hand and leave sightseeing for another day. After all, we will be returning on Nov. 17 far a race-pace 50 mile training run. But for now, just show up at 6:50 am, at the parking lot behind the control tower at Dillingham airfield, this Saturday Oct. 27 with a MINIMUM of 70 ounces of water (much more if you drink a lot), sunscreen, electrolytes, a hat or cap, bars, bloks, gels, sunglasses and trail food. Please prepare for hotter and dryer conditions than we are used to on the Tantalus trails. Don


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Don Fallis

Do you call those comments? Larry is hallucinating about getting someone to carry his beer and pork rinds, while Bob obviously has already been sipping entirely too many margaritas and they've pickled his brain. Either way, it's looking like that's two guys I won't have to worry about shelling-out complementary bottles of electrolytes to on Nov. 17. Don


Ha Ha, I also asked about the 6:50am start time. I guess Don really wants us to cook under the North Shore sun! My hydration strategy is to have Bob and Mikey carry my beer and pork rinds.

HURT Hawaii

6:50 a.m.?? Really?? That's like sleeping in. Is that bloks or blokes were supposed to show up with? I know a few good blokes but can't say I know any bloks. My hydration strategy is to run light and dry and rehydrate on margarita's later in the day. The salt on the rim will be my electrolytes. That's my plan anyway!! Aloha, Bob

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