Saturday Training 10-27-07 "Peacock Preview"
"Celebration of Chase's Life" Announcement


Aloha Athletes !

Due to trail closures, we are forced to change our Saturday Training tomorrow (10-27-07). Fires in the Peacock Flats area have prompted the action. Instead, we will move our training run to Maunawili, starting at Pali Lookout at 6:00 am and doing an out-and-back from Pali Lookout to Waimanalo...a nice, fast 22 miles.

Meeting time: 5:50 am  Starting time: 6:00 am  Meeting place: Pali Lookout            

We will stash water at the Waimanalo trailhead.

Sorry for the inconvenience. These things happen.  Aloha,  Don


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you must be talking about Murphy...he loves butts!!


Bob, haha, you make me laugh. You are so warped.

Bob McAllaster

Well, it is dry out there. Plus based on the recent fire in Makaha plus the California fires, I am sure the powers to be are just being cautious. The fact we have so many smokers among us is an issue too. Some runners just will throw their butts around anywhere!

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