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October 29, 2007


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Probably will not need any. I usually wear the same shirt through the whole race (short sleeve plastic). I have not been uncomfortable cold yet, as long as I am moving. I do get very, very, very smelly; however, and I am, well my wife is looking for solution to rancid running gear strewn about the yard and the house. Any suggestions?


Nothing works well. You are going to get wet one way or the other and perhaps chill at night. A long sleeve hurt shirt is about the best alternative for the chilly night.

Real problem is the feet not the upper body. Gortex shoes help a bit but are not always going to keep the mud and water out.

Bring an extra shirt and change at the end of the loop. Lots of runners do that at HURT.

Rob Lahoe

Anyone have a preference on ponchos or raingear? I'm planning to buy something this week but don't want to get something that will make me too hot.

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