Saturday Training 10-20-07
Celebrating the 'Worst of HURT'

Special Upcoming Training

Aloha Athletes !

Mark your calendars for two upcoming special Saturday training dates: October 27 and November 17. The October 27 date is a 25 mile "preview" and the November 17 date is a 50 mile training run at "race pace", which was designed to give us Hawaii runners non-existent 50 mile race conditions during HURT 100 training, but in the Peacock Flats area. Now, before you blow this off as being too easy, since primarily this is on easy, dry jeep roads, compared to the tough, slippery, technical Tantalus trails you normally train on, I'd like to post a challenge: For each of you that do the 50 mile training run in less than the allotted 16 hour time limit, I will personally give you a bottle of Succeed! electrolyte caps. I know you are thinking "what's the catch?"...and there is. The catch is: you have to get your butt out there on Nov. 17 and do the 50 miles in less than 16 hours ! I'll even give you a valuable tip: If you don't make it out to the preview on Oct. 27, you can kiss your chances of finishing on Nov. 17 goodbye. Are you tough enough? I don't think so, but we'll find out. Don


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Greg Cuadra

I think a bottle of scotch would be more appreciated than a bottle of succeed

Dan Eldredge


I'm planning on doing a HURT loop on Sunday morning, starting at 5-6 a.m.
If you can't make Saturday's training and are interested in running Sunday morning, give me a call at my cell: (360) 620-2217 and we'll plan on a time and place to meet. I expect my time to be between 6:30 and 6:45.



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