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Saturday Training 11-24-07 "do what you want"

Aloha Athletes !

With the Thanksgiving weekend at our doorstep and many things planned with family and friends it seems appropriate to make this a "do what you want" training weekend. There are rumors of Wednesday night HURT loops and even the possibility of a Peacock Flats run on Saturday, but these are only rumors, so just go and do what makes you happy. The main thing is to get out there and have fun. Happy Thanksgiving all !


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Thanks, If I have time today I will try and drop a couple jugs of water at J.A....again thanks!


Doug, I stocked it with Gatorade +Power Aid, Salt chips, and Powerbars on Wednesday; I only saw one large water left. On SAT I did 1 loop and no one has touched it.


I'm going to for a couple repeats on Monday morning if anyone is off and interested give me a call 224-381-4182. Does anyone know what kind of stash is at Jack Ass? All I need is some water, anyone know the inventory??? Thanks,

Greg Cuadra

Anyone going out from Paradise Park tomorrow morning? 11/24 Let me know, I can always use the company on the trail


Greg Cuadra

Congrats Brian to you and yours, the trails are definately a place to share with our kids. Hope to see you on the trail soon


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