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Thanks, If I have time today I will try and drop a couple jugs of water at J.A....again thanks!


Doug, I stocked it with Gatorade +Power Aid, Salt chips, and Powerbars on Wednesday; I only saw one large water left. On SAT I did 1 loop and no one has touched it.


I'm going to for a couple repeats on Monday morning if anyone is off and interested give me a call 224-381-4182. Does anyone know what kind of stash is at Jack Ass? All I need is some water, anyone know the inventory??? Thanks,

Greg Cuadra

Anyone going out from Paradise Park tomorrow morning? 11/24 Let me know, I can always use the company on the trail


Greg Cuadra

Congrats Brian to you and yours, the trails are definately a place to share with our kids. Hope to see you on the trail soon


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